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I want to go back to work |  Blog 

I get asked if I am going back to work a lot. For some reason people seem to think that you have a baby and then automatically don’t want to go back to work. It’s funny because men are never expected not to go back to work after having a baby but for us women it seems to be a given. What’s even crazier though is the reaction when I tell people that I actually look forward to going back to work. They look at me like I’m some she demon that has just grown another head!! 

Why on earth would I want to go back to work when I have 2 little ones at home that I could be looking after? 

Why did I have children if I’m just going to palm them off and not raise them? 

How could I possibly bare the thought of being away from my babies? 

I enjoy my job. It’s nothing fancy or life changing but I enjoy it. I like going to work, chatting to customers and colleagues and doing a good job. For me, work is like a haven and an escape from the usual Mum chores. For the 8 hours I’m at work for I can drink coffee whilst it’s hot. I get to have lunch in peace and without rushing. I get to talk to other adults about things that aren’t Peppa Pig, dirty nappies or thinking step negotiations. For 8 hours I get to be Ami and I love it. Obviously I am still Mum because my babies never leave my thoughts but I get to be me again. The me that isn’t run ragged by 2 children and a dog. I also go to work to teach my children that if we want to have nice things in life then we have to work for it. Pickle knows that Mummy and Daddy go to work to earn penny’s so that we can have holidays, days out and nice things. I want my boys to grow up knowing that things don’t just fall into your lap and that you have to work. 

I understand though that for some people it isn’t that easy. We are very lucky because we have family around that will happily look after our children so that we can both work. We don’t have to worry about nursery costs or fees and I will always be grateful to my mum and my mother in law for helping us with childcare as it’s made things so much easier for us. We are lucky and I recognise that. But I think that if you have the option to leave your children for a couple of days a week then it is good for them too. Not only do they learn the value of work but they also learn to be a bit more independent of you. Yes you will have to leave them but by doing so your letting them learn how to make friends and that you’ll always come back. 

So yes... in answer to everyone that asks me, yes I will be going back to work and I’m looking forward to it. Hot coffee, chats and time to be me... who wouldn’t want that?? 


Christmas Gift Guide 2018 | Blog

YAYYYYYY!!!! It's that time of year again...Halloween is done, fireworks are finished and the festive songs are on the radio... IT'S CHRISTMAS!

Christmas is my favourite time of year and, as always, I am back with my Christmas gift guide to help any of you out there that are a bit stuck for what to buy this year. Unlike previous year I have consolidated my guides to produce you one super guide with gifts for all the family meaning that all of your gifting needs should be in one place. So...lets jump right in!

For kids ...

Super Wings - Jett's Take off Tower 2 in 1 Play Set - Amazon, Argos, Smyths RRP: £39.99


Going Eco-Friendly with Kit & Kin | Review

We need to do more to reduce our waste. That is a fact! The seas across the globe are getting filled with plastics, landfills are bursting and we just aren't looking after our planet. As a parent, looking after our world for the generations to come is something I am so aware of because my boys and their families will be living in this world so I want to make sure it is the best it can be. Also as a parent, I am very aware of the amount of waste we create..especially at the baby stage! 

Did you know that disposable nappies are the THIRD largest contributors to landfills and in the UK we get through 8 MILLION nappies every single day!!?!? What is more shocking that that is that the average nappy will take 300 to 500 years to biodegrade! That means that the nappy that Smidge is wearing right now will still be around in 2318! Shocking right?? 

Kit and Kin is a relatively new baby brand that is on hand to help reduce our eco footprint whist helping protect our babies delicate skin. This conscientious brand was co-founded by none other than Baby Spice herself Emma Bunton who, being a Mum to two, knows what is needed to make a great baby product. The range commits to using only natural, eco-friendly ingredients and sustainable materials to offer safe and effective every day products. Sounds pretty perfect right? Well, we were sent a couple of items from the range to try and I am pleased to say that they didn't disappoint! 

The Best Non Chocolate Advent Calendars  |  Review & GIVEAWAY

Remember being a child and the excitement you’d feel every morning in December knowing you got to open the next door on your advent calendar? Scratching off that bit of silver foil and unveiling a small, usually bad tasting bit of chocolate? It was so exciting but as with all things advent calendars have grown and changed and now there is a huge range of non chocolate calendars on offer. This is great if you or your child has any allergies or if, like me, you just like the idea of doing something different. There are so many different calendars on the market now that it can be a bit overwhelming trying to find one that is right for you or your family but fear not... I’ve searched around to find the best non chocolate calendars out there!

For him... 

The Big Chilli Advent Calendar 2018 - Sous Chef £29.95

This calendar is perfect if you have a man who loves cooking and who loves a bit of heat. My hubby is that man and this is such a different and novel calendar without being so novel that it is full of stuff he won’t use. The calendar includes 25 different chillis, powders and flakes along with a booklet explaining each chilli and over 20 mouth watering recipes. So if you want to explore the chillis of the world this December and heat up your Christmas then this is the advent calendar for you!

For her... 

Yankee Sparkle Wreath Advent Calendar - Yankee Candles £24.99

I am a sucker for a scented candle especially if it is from Yankee as their candles are just the BEST. Their festive range is always divine and with their advent calendars you can have a little sample every day of some of their Christmas range. The calendar includes 24 tea light candles and the added bonus of a glass tea light holder meaning your home can smell like a winter wonderland all December long!

Fancy getting your hands on your very own Sparkle Wreath Calendar from Yankee? Well I’m giving one if my lucky readers the chance to win one! All you need to do is click the box below to find out how to enter.

Lookfantastic Advent Calendar- £79.00

So this may seem a little steep for an advent calendar but this calendar is actually amazing value for money because the beauty treats inside are actually worth a whopping £300!!! From tanning to skin care, make up to hair tools...this calendar with help you look and feeling amazing this Christmas.

For kids - 

Paw Patrol Advent Calendar- Argos £15.00

This type of calendars are perfect for kids in my opinion as they get so excited about which character or item they are going to get each day. Last year Pickle had the Peppa Pig one and this year he has picked a Paw Patrol one and I know he is going to love it. It’s a brilliant alternative to giving him a piece of chocolate and he can play with the figures he gets all year through so it’s a calendar that keeps on giving!

Lego Star Wars Advent Calender - John Lewis £20.00 

If you have a Lego fan in then this calendar is a must have! Hubby actually had this last year and he loved it. Each day you get a little bag of Lego that you can build into the next part of your Star Wars scene and when it gets to the end you then have a whole load of brand new Lego to add to your collection.

Note: some of these items were sent to us for the purpose of this post but all opinions are honest and my own.