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You tired hun?? |  Blog

It’s 4am, all the world is asleep. All but you, you don’t count no sheep!

Sleep is for the weak or so you seem to think, that’s why coffee has become my most needed drink.

You go to bed fine, with sleepy cuddles and a kiss and sometimes I even feel like during the night it’s you that I’ll miss.

But I don’t need to worry, I don’t need to fear for at 4am I’ll hear that scream so loud and so near.

You seem to think it’s morning, though the moon is in the sky. We leave you in your cot for a while and just let you cry.

But no, you aren’t having it, you want the day to start. We leave you for as long as we can although it slowly breaks my heart.

Eventually at 5am whilst the outside world is still, I bring you downstairs to snuggle and sleep (at least, I hope you will).

You start of lying still as I stroke your soft, blonde hair but eventually you’ve had enough and you’re climbing all over the chair.

Before I know it you are off and playing with your toys. I shush you “don’t wake your brother” I say, as you make all the noise!

You play and play only stopping when you want a mummy cuddle. You start to waiver, you get tired and things become a muddle.

You start to whinge and get annoyed at every little thing. I try to get you to snuggle up but you won’t let the need for sleep win.

Eventually it’s 7am and your brother jumps down each stair. It’s breakfast time now, the time for sleep is over, as if you care!

You eat your toast and drink your milk, maybe you don’t need sleep after all. I get the clothes and pack the bag, it’s Monday after all.

Then from your chair I hear a sound I desperately wanted to hear. But not now, not at 7.30..if it was 5am I’d cheer!

But is not, it’s morning and Pickles got school and I’ve got work you see. But you don’t care, because your asleep in highchair as peaceful as can be!!!


Settling down | Blog 

Hello??? It's me... (if you didn't read that in the style of Adele then who even are you?!)
There a few tumble weeds blowing through this blog as it’s been a while since I’ve actually written regularly on here. I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with my blog recently as I’ve preferred to post on social media as it’s so much quicker and more convenient (see my last post all about that here) but then again, I’ve missed being able to let all the words tumble out of me and to catch them all on paper (or screen... you know what I mean!) So where have I been? Well life feels like it was shaken around a bit recently but it finally feel like everything has settled down, for now anyway!


Is Blogging Dead?  |  Blog

I started blogging almost 4 years ago and back then it was so different. I wrote about whatever I wanted to, whenever I wanted to with no thoughts given to SEO, page views or followers. I wrote because it gave me a creative outlet and made me feel less alone whilst I was on maternity leave. There was also a little community that I found through blogging. Like minded people who also wrote about parenting and shared their lives across social media. Sometimes you even saw those people at events and conferences and it was always strange because you’d never met them face to face before but you knew everything about each others lives as you read their blogs. There was linkies everywhere you looked. People commented on blog posts and shared them. Brands and companies wanted to work with bloggers. They wanted to send you products and pay you to write about them because your voice was valuable and relatively unique. I loved blogging and the world that it threw me into but 4 years down the line, that world is now a very different place.


Working with your partner to stay happy | Collaboration

person holding balloons

A successful relationship and a successful marriage are all about partnership. When you’re young, it’s easy.
You and your partner have your whole life ahead of you; you’re excited about the future, you’re ready to take
each day as it comes. You plan holidays, your wedding and honeymoon, your future home, your kid’s names,
and all the little things in between that make up a relationship. You support them, and they support you. 

It’s this team element that makes the best couples. They are always there for each other as you both work
towards a shared goal. But what happens when you achieve everything you wanted to? What happened when
you’ve gotten married, had kids, found your dream home? What happens next? 

After everything is done, it’s time to focus on the rest of your time together. But you’re not the same
doe-eyed couple who first shared a shy smile across the room at school or the party. You’ve gotten older,
but you don’t have to act older, and you can keep each other young. Here is some advice on how to work
alongside your partner to stay youthful and keep the good days going strong. 

For Her

We don’t live in the past anymore, and the idea that a woman’s life is over after children is an archaic myth,
but that doesn’t stop older generations still pondering what a woman’s to do after kids, marriage, and a house
to call their own. 

In reality, though, a woman’s life can truly start after having kids. From here, she can build upon her supposed
life success and be a better person every day. You can be a better person every day. 

Alongside your partner, you can arrange the best way to proceed in life, including childcare and careers. You
can also look at getting qualifications and experience that may have been missed out beforehand. Now, you
know what you want. You’re done navigating the nonsense 20-year-old you would need to put up with. Now,
you’re a woman on a mission. 

With this newfound Don’t Care attitude, it’s easy to rediscover your youth that wasn’t exactly lost, but instead,
put on hold. Not all of it will be plain sailing, though, so if you need help, you can rely on your partner to
keep you pushing forward. 

For Him

Men are often forgotten about when talking about getting older. It still affects them just as much as it affects
women, though. In some cases, it can be even worse, as they feel they don’t have anyone to turn to if they
need to talk about feeling old. 

There are plenty of things that can affect a man’s emotional and physical health as time moves on. It could be
visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles or hair loss. Luckily, this isn’t the end of the world, and you can support
them by advising on skincare routines or help them find solutions to balding.
Finasteride is a prescribed hair loss treatment that has proven popular in the past, so it could be something
to check out. 

Other problems could include missed opportunities, or the feeling of missed opportunities, at least. Men are
most associated with the mid-life crisis for a reason. They thought they had time to wait before following their
dreams and then, suddenly, they convinced themselves that’s not the case. 

When this happens, you can take a look at what they want to do and work out ways how they can do it. It may
not solve the problem immediately, but it should put their mind at ease, at least for a time. And if you need to
treat him to cheer him up, here are some ideas to try. 

For Both of You

While it’s a great thing to have your time to yourselves, it’s also essential you don’t neglect each other. Part of
the reason you’ve been together for so long is that you adore each other’s company, and reigniting that initial
spark is one of the easiest ways to work together and feel like giggling teenagers once again. 

All couples have traditions. It could be a movie night, date night, sharing new music as soon as it’s released,
or taking on new challenges like marathons, hikes, or throwing yourselves into something new. Whatever it is,
there’s a chance you might have let these you-times fall by the wayside. 

There are few better things to get you energised and feeling young again than nostalgia. Dedicate some time in your busy lives to relive your more youthful years by indulging in old traditions, or even starting new ones. 

Going through these old (but also new) experiences together will invigorate you with new life. You’ll meet new
people, have new experiences, and prove to yourself and each other that you still know how to have a good
time. After kids, it can be hard to get back to living life your way, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. 

For Them

Flushing yourself with vim and vigour won’t just benefit each other. Your kids, family, friends, coworkers, and
even strangers will recognise something new within you. This isn’t to say you need to work together to stay
youthful for anyone but yourself, but being known as the fun couple who are up for just about anything will rub
off on those around you. 

The fact is that people like to be around people who enjoy themselves, and if you can make the most of it,
you’ll be the most popular couple around. You’ll still need to know when to say no and when to take it easy,
there are still plenty of responsibilities, after all. But knowing you aren’t confined to your living room all week
because you need to look after the kids and save money will give you a reason to reconnect with everyone
you’ve not contacted in a while. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

It’s not enough to just say you’ve got each other’s backs. You’ve got to prove it to one another and the rest of
your family. There will be times where you’re not sure what to do or what to say, but that’s okay. While you will
share this journey into the next stage of your life, you won’t always understand what the other is going through,
but you can at least stand by them and work with them to help them get through it.