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Training for a Triathlon with David Lloyd  |  Collaboration 

My husband loves to set himself challenges and goals (even if I may think they are a little crazy at times!). Last year he set himself a goal to complete the Southend half marathon and he did it! He didn’t find it easy because it was a scorching hot day but he trained hard before hand and he competed it. This year he wanted to go one step further and he decided that he was going to do the Southend Triathlon! For those that don’t know (as I didn’t when Hubby first mentioned it to me) the Southend Triathlon is a 750 meter swim in the sea, 20km cycle along the seafront and then a final 5km run and it was because of this mix of sports that it was so essential that Hubby trained seriously before hand. Thankfully, David Lloyd Southend was on hand to help him! 

Hubby had never done a triathlon before but he had done runs so the running part wasn’t really of a concern to him, it was the cycling and the swimming that he knew he had to focus on. To train for the cycle Hubby started off by going to the gym and using the stationary bikes to help him with his technique. The personal trainers in the gym (many of whom have done sporting events like triathlons before) were on hand to help with his technique to make sure he got the best from his cycle. Hubby also went along to some spin classes. Spin classes are high impact cycling classes that are usually done to music with a very enthusiastic and motivating instructor! That is definitely what you get at David Lloyd Southend! The instructor there is motivating whilst still making sure the class is fun and enjoyable! These classes really helped Hubby to build up his stamina on the bikes. 

The other thing that Hubby had to focus on was his swimming. David Lloyd Southend has two pools that Hubby could use (they actually have 4 pools but 2 of those are children’s ones) to aid his training. The indoor pool was the perfect place for hubby to work on his technique. He was able to take his leg float with him which he used to focus on his upper body technique and was able to use either the lanes to help with his stamina or the main space to slow down and work on technique. The outdoor pool was actually better for him in the winter as he could go out and use it to get him used to swimming in the cold air. However, it didn’t prepare him for the freezing temperatures of the sea as it is lovely and warm in the pool but it did help him with his breathing as he was outside in the cold air. 

The support and training that Hubby was able to get from David Lloyd in Southend was a vital part of his triathlon journey as without them it would have been a huge struggle. He was able to use the high quality facilities and equipment, draw on the knowledge and experience from the staff and then best of all relax with a well deserved drink in the club room after all his training! 

Next up for Hubby... an iron man!!! I think I’ll just stick with my Zumba :) 

To find out more about what David Lloyd Clubs have to offer and to find your local club, check out their website here -


Unusual things you need with a newborn  |  Blog 

When you have a baby you know what you need...cot, nappies, baby monitor...all of the things that you see in magazines and lists on the internet. Since having Smidge it got me thinking about the other things that you need when you have a newborn that you wouldn’t normally think of. So I thought I’d share with you today my unusual list. 

1. A Netflix subscription -

In those first few new born weeks you will be doing a lot of snuggling with a newborn which is so wonderful but after watching day time TV for the fifth day in a row, can get a little tedious. We have a Netflix subscription and it has been invaluable in these last few weeks. I’ve watched all the things I’ve been meaning to watch for ages and been binge watching new series that I’ve found. It’s not only great in the day time either! I pop it on the iPad in the night when I’m feeding to stop me falling to sleep! It’s been worth its weight in gold! 

2. A cabbage -

This one may sound strange but trust me!! When your milk is coming in during your first few days there is no better relief than a cold cabbage leaf in your bra. Don’t believe me? Just try it! 

3. Sharpies -

I use a sharpie pretty much every single day! I use one to write on the milk bags and record how much milk I’ve expressed. I use it on the Tupperware lids to remind me what left overs I’m putting away and when they were cooked. They are just so convenient and easy as they dry instantly so don’t smudge, you can write on pretty much anything and it is permentant. They are also super cheap if you get them from the right place. I brought mine from Office Stationary and they were a steal!! 

4. Stick on heat pads -

Once you have given birth it can feel like you’ve been hit by a bus. Everything hurts and this time round I found that my back was especially painful. The stick on heat pads are perfect as I can stick one on and not have to worry about it moving around or coming off whilst I’m snuggling/feeding/changing Samuel. 

5. Coconut oil -

This stuff is a god send! You can use it on pretty much everything and when it comes to babies it’s amazing. You can use it on cradle cap and dry skin and as it is a natural oil it is perfect as it won’t irritate baby like some products do. This stuff has become pretty popular recently so you can also get it from anywhere now too. 

Note - this is a collaborative post 

I only cover myself up for YOUR sake!  |  Blog

If you have read my last few posts on here then you will know that I am combi feeding Smidge. This basically means he has a bit of every thing... boob, boob milk in a bottle and formula from a bottle. I explained why this is working for us here but something that has been bothering me recently is breastfeeding in public. There has always been a lot of discussion round breastfeeding in public and how hard it can be and I never really understood until I started doing it myself. The thing is it’s not actually breastfeeding in public that is difficult, it’s other people!! 

Here’s a situation for you... you’re in a public place like a park or a shopping centre and you walk past a newspaper on the floor that’s opened at a page with a full page photo of a glamour model. Looking gorgeously glamorous with a teeney pair of pants and no bra. Boobs out proudly for the world to see. Would you care? Would anyone bat any eyelid? Most probably not. The people least likely to see it as inappropriate would probably (sorry for the generalisation) be men. Here’s the next situation... I’m sitting in the park or in the shopping centre. My tiny baby is screaming as it’s scorching hot and he is thirsty and hungry so I discreetly take my boob out and pop my baby onto it so he can feed. All you can see is the fleshy part of my boob. No nip as the baby’s head is covering that from view. Would you find that offensive? Would people be bothered and find it unsuitable? YES...some do and usually (and bizarrely) it’s usually men who find it so uncomfortable!! How on Earth does that make ANY sense???? They are happy to see boobs on page three but not when they are feeding a child?!?

 I don’t stand up and announce my naked boobies to the world. I don’t seductively strip off my very unsexy maternity tee and bra to show off my swollen, milk filled boobs and my leaky, cracked nipples. Is that why it’s inappropriate? If I was a sexy 18 year old with perky boobs and a washboard stomach who was taking her clothes off to have her picture taken would it then be “appropriate” and make people less uncomfortable? It blows my mind that some people are made uncomfortable by a mother doing one of the most natural things in the world but yet they will happily watch boobs on telly, accept them in advertising and appreciate women showing them off for people’s pleasure! 

That is why I feel like I have to cover up when I’m in public, so I don’t I “offend anyone”. I would much rather just get my boob out and feed my child but instead I have to wrestle him under a cover and then try to get my nipple into his mouth properly whilst trying to keep myself covered and “decent”. All of this in the middle of summer when it’s stupidly hot so my poor baby ends up all hot and bothered as he’s under a cover and I’m sweating as it’s another layer that I just don’t need. All of this just so that I don’t “offend” someone?!? It’s ridiculous! 

So I saw free the boobs! If your happy to feed your baby without a cover then do it! Don’t feel pressured to cover up because that’s what other people want. Feed that baby of yours in whatever way you are comfortable! 

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think women should cover up when they are feeding or do you think we should free the boobs? Let me know in the comments. 


Coping with 2 children!  |  Blog

It has been almost 5 weeks since Smidge came into the world which also means five weeks of being a mummy to two! I’m not going to lie, I was terrified before Smidge was born as I just didn’t understand how I would cope or get anything done with two children to look after. I was given loads of tips and tricks from other parents who had been here and done it and now, five weeks down the line, I can really see how much their advice has made a difference so I wanted to share with you the best advice I was given.

Become an opportunist! 

If you get 10 minutes when your children are entertained/ fed/ quite/ sleeping then make the most of it. As much as you might want to just stay on the sofa and relax for 10 mins DON’T! Muster the strength to get up and go and sterilise the bottles or our a load of washing on because if you don’t do it in those few minutes of peace you may find that you don’t get it done all day! You may not want to do chores or get bits done as you may be knackered BUT it will honestly make you feel better if you get just a couple of jobs done. 

Be organised.

If you know that you are going out then I would definitely recommend packing your bag the night before. Make sure the changing bag is stocked with nappies and wipes and that you have everything you need. I’ve also got into the habit of getting all of our clothes out for the next day. It makes the morning a lot quicker and easier when you are trying to dress yourself and 2 kiddies. The other thing I’ve been doing to help deal with having 2 little beings that need my attention is at dinner time. Pickle had his dinner at about 5pm and Smidge usually wants to feed at the same time so I will dish up Pickles dinner along with his desert and then sit and fed Smidge. I’ll make sure that Pickle has everything that he needs like cutlery, a drink, a flannel to wipe his face with afterwards so that I can focus on feeding Smidge. Organisation is key!! 

Seize the moment. 

Babies demand so much of our attention. They need us for everything where as their siblings are usually a bit more independent and get left to fend for themselves a bit more when a baby comes into the house. This is why I have been trying to seize every tiny moment with my biggest boy when Smidge is content and doesn’t need me. It could be 10 minutes to do some colouring or even just a quick 2 minute cuddle, I’ve just been trying to take every moment I can to make sure Pickle still feels involved and loved. It’s only something small but it makes a huge difference and stops Pickle from feeling too left out. 

So there you have it... my tips for coping with two children. Do you have any coping mechanisms that you think I’ve missed out? Let me know in the comments!