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Polar Wonders Plush Gymini from Tiny Love | Review

Note: this post contains a product I was sent for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own

When I was pregnant with Smidge I made a list of all the essential things that I needed to buy before he was seat, cot, moses basket, nappies, baby play mat/gym...Yes you read that right, a baby play mat/gym. To me a baby gym is an essential when you have a baby. I remember one of my friends asking me why it was an essential to buy before Smidge was born because he would be a tiny baby that wouldn't be able to play with a gym. The reason I wanted one wasn't about playing. It was about having somewhere safe and stimulating that I could put Smidge when I needed to make lunch or pop to the loo. If I didn't have a baby gym then where else would I put him? I wanted him to know that his moses basket and cot were a place for sleeping rather than playing so by having a baby gym I could put him down for a few minutes whilst I did whatever I needed to do. To me, it just made sense.

There are so many different play mats and baby gyms n the market that it can be really overwhelming to try and find the best one. BUT have no fear!!! I am here to tell you that the only baby gym you will ever need is the Polar Wonders Plush Gymini from Tiny Love and here is why...

Feeling Overwhelmed  |  Blog

Do you ever get so overwhelmed that you don’t know how to fix it? For me, feeling overwhelmed is not just a case of being too busy and feeling a bit stressed. It’s worrying, it’s palpitations, it’s questioning myself and it’s feeling rubbish about myself. For the past few weeks I’ve been feeling more and more overwhelmed and it’s a feeling that only seems to be getting worse and I don’t like it. I feel like I’m spinning so many plates and trying to juggle so much but it’s all starting to fall and tumble around me. I put so much pressure on myself but I don’t know how NOT to. There is so much I want to do and so much I want to be and I’m trying my hardest to be and do everything but it’s just not working.

Being a mother has been hard recently. Pickle is as good as gold and gives us no grief but Smidge... Smidge is a whole different beast. He is so exhausting and draining. He doesn’t sleep. Hubby ends up downstairs with him on the sofa last night but that worries me so much because I get scared of cot death with him on the sofa. He also is such a clingy, demanding baby. He constantly wants to be on my and cries if I leave the room. He is also into everything so I have to watch him 24/7 to keep him safe. I feel like I’m letting him down because of the way he is but I just don’t know how to fix the whole sleep thing. We’ve literally tired everything so we are just stuck. This also makes me feel sad for Pickle. Do I spend enough time with him? Is he happy? Is the way Smidge is having an impact on him? I feel like I’m always berating myself for how I parent. I also put pressure on myself to have an immaculate house. It really stresses me if things are messy or haven’t been cleaned (not OCD standard though) so I always make time to stay on top of the house. I have gone back to work so I’m now out of the house for 3 whole days. When I was on maternity leave, those three days were my time to clean, do washing, do Blog work, film videos, write pitches, write blog posts, stay on top of social media... that time has now gone. I put pressure on myself when it comes to this blog and my social media presence. I feel like I am capable of so much more when it comes to the blog and I get so angry at myself that I’m not putting the time in anymore because I’m tried and not prioriting it. I question why I do it. My follower numbers are awful, my blogs neglected, the opportunities are few and far between and I don’t really have much to show for 4 years of work. But I love writing and I love sharing on social media and I love connecting to the people that do follow me so should I priorities it more? What should suffer so I have time to write? It’s like a whole big mess of stuff in my head that makes me worry and feeling nervous and just completely overwhelmed.

Going back to work has been so good for me. I went back part time almost a month ago now and it has helped me to get some routine back in my life and it’s helped me to find a bit of “me” again. I’ve been able to have adult conversations, use my brain and actually drink my coffee whilst it’s hot! I’m happy that I’ve gone back. BUT, it’s not been without its challenges. I think finding a new routine has been hard and even though we’ve done well with the practical routine, I think I need to now try and figure out a new “mental routine” (if that’s even a thing) to try to balance out everything. I’m trying at the moment but it doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe I will have to give something up to make space for everything? The only thing I’d be able to give up is this blog but I really don’t want to do that!
I’m honestly hoping that this is just a blip. I’m hoping that maybe I’m just feeling a bit hormonal and having a bit of a tough time at the moment and soon I’ll be okay again. That’s why I haven’t really spoken about it before. I suppose it’s a bit of embarrassment as no one like to admit they are struggling but it’s also a bit of hope from me that it will get better.
If you’ve felt like this before I’d love to know how you helped yourself. How did you manage life when things changed? Please either message me on my socials or leave a comment here as any advice is more than welcome ❤️


Some Great Spring Activities for the Kids | Collaboration

When it starts to get around to this time of year, it is obviously much more tempting to begin spending
time outdoors, and in particular this might be how you start to focus your family time spent together.
Making use of the outdoors in spring is something that you will absolutely need to think about, and if
you are a little at a loss for what to actually do you will be glad to hear that there are many options
available for many families which you will be able to consider. In this article, we are going to go
through just a few of the best spring activities for your children which you might want to think about
getting into. All of these are going to be fun and enjoyable, and might even be the kind of thing that
your kids want to do again and again.

Farm Visit

Who doesn’t have fond memories of visiting farms when it came around to springtime? This is one
of the best memories you can instill in your children too, and what’s more it’s the kind of activity that
you will probably find is pretty enjoyable for yourself too. If you want to visit a farm you should be on
the lookout for those which really make the most of the space they have. Many these days will have
entire adventure playgrounds attached, as well as plenty of opportunity for petting animals and so on.
If you take a look at you will see a great example of the kind of
farm  that you might want to take your kids too. You should be sure to set aside an entire day for it so
that you can leisurely wander around, and it’s definitely worth taking your camera so that you can
take a few photos along the way too.

Woodland Walk

Sometimes, the most enjoyable things you can do as a family are some of the most simple and
everyday. Once it gets to springtime, you might find that you have a hankering for just walking through
the woods, and this is something that you should consider to be a particularly enjoyable and
worthwhile family event. For your kids, it is good for them to get the exercise and to be able to even
learn a little about the woods in their area. You might be able to point out bluebells or many other
spring sights, and this is all the kind of thing that will really stick with them long into their adulthood.
Woodland walks are among the best quality time you can spend together.

Petting Zoo

It’s hard to imagine any kid who wouldn’t want to go to a petting zoo, and of course spring is the best time for such a visit as there are going to be lambs to hold and even stroke, and maybe baby goats as well. Petting zoos can vary hugely, so you should make sure to research them and find one where you can really get stuck in as fully as possible. That will mean that your kids are going to have a much better time, and that you probably will, too. All in all, it’s one of the best family outings you can have in spring.


They may be Brothers but they are polar opposites | Blog

My two boys are so similar in so many ways. There little mouths, their button noses, the way they get a red patch on their head when they are really upset, the way they are both the chunkiest of babies. The first thing I remember saying when Smidge was born was 'Oh my god he looks like his brother'. To me, he was the spitting image of Pickle and even now that Smidge is almost 10 months old, I still see such a striking resemblance between them. Some times I look at Smidge and it's like I'm holding my baby Pickle once again. They may look alike but that it where the similarity ends for these two. I honestly can't believe that two brothers can look so similar but yet be so different in their personalities and their ways. 

Pickle was pretty much a textbook baby. He slept really well, drank his milk perfectly, weaned with no problems, learnt to self sooth, listened to what he was told and steered clear of things if he was told no...he was such a good baby and is still a very good little boy now. He always like to play by the rules, listens to what he is told and always wants to do good. Smidge, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. 
He is a terror! He is into everything. Anything he finds anywhere goes straight into his mouth, you tell him no and he just smiles and carries on, he wants to climb everywhere, he hates sleeping on his own, doesn't need hardly any sleep and is just so different to his older brother. One of the funniest differences I see between the two of them is when it comes to biscuits. Yes, that's right, I said biscuits. When Pickle was little, and even a little bit now although not so much, if you gave him a biscuit that was broken, he wouldn't touch it. He would get upset, would whinge and wouldn't eat it until he got a biscuit that was complete and in tact. On the flip side, if you give Smidge a biscuit he will actually purposeful break it! He snaps it clean in two and then happily munches away!! I find it hilarious as it is something so small but it really shows the difference between my two boys. 
Smidge is like a whirlwind. He is into everything and whats to go everywhere. His little personality is starting to come out and he is so strong willed and stubborn. I can honestly imagine that he is only going to become more and more different to Pickle as he grows. Pickle is so sensitive, caring and kind and I can see Smidge growing up to be ferocious protective but also a bit of a jack the lad and a bit of a nightmare! 
I am so pleased that my two boys have there own personalities but I also can't believe that two children that are from the same parents and have been raised exactly the same can be so different. Just proves that sometimes your born with it.