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I’m not supermum!  |  Blog

Recently I have had quite a few comments and messages calling me “supermum” and it has been really playing on my mind. I am not supermum... in fact I am sooooo far from being supermum! I am just a mum who using A LOT of make up and is lucky that if she plaits her hair before she goes to sleep, it looks half decent when I wake up. Just because I look “put together” doesn’t make me supermum. I do what ever other mum does in the morning. I get my kids up, fed, dressed and out the door. To me that is just being a Mum. A supermum is a different breed of Mum.

To me, the supermums of this world are the ones who have children who have special needs and life changing illness.

They are the Mums who leave an abusive relationship with nothing but the clothes on their back even though it may be the hardest thing to do but they do it for the sake of their babies.

They are the Mums who work 3 jobs so that they can provide a comfortable life for their children.

They are the Mums who have physical or mental limitations themselves but yet never let that get in the way of being a amazing parent.

They are the Mums who loose their partner through awful circumstances but yet still manage to keep their life together for the sake of their children.

They are the Mums who put their motherhood second to being doctors and nurses to look after our babies.

They are the Mums who have babies who aren’t in their arms but who are up in Heaven.

They are the Supermums! Not be just because I look like I have my life together. That just makes me a Mum. To every Supermum out there, you are amazing and I am in awe of you!!


Hello Croupe my old friend... |  Blog 

Tuesday night was terrfiying... the type of terrifying that only a parent will feel when they are overcome with fear for their child. It was 3am and Smidge woke up coughing like crazy. It was a familiar sounding cough the made my heart beat a little faster. It was a seal like type bark that I’d heard from Pickle 3 years ago. Then came the noise that really made me panic... the wheezing every time he tried to breath in. He was gasping for breath and it wasn’t stopping. It was this noise that had landed us in hospital with Pickle 3 years ago and it was this noise that made me reach for my phone to call for help. It seemed like our good old friend Croupe was back to pay us a visit. 

Croupe is a virus so it can’t be treated with antibiotics and it can be caught by anyone, at any time but it tends to effect children under 2 the most and it tends to rear its ugly head in the autumn months. It’s basically a virus that affects the vocal chords and voice box causing a horrendous, scary sounding bark like cough. In some cases it also causes a stridor. This is when the wind pipe gets so swollen around the voice box that every time the baby or toddler breathes in they make a awful wheezing sound and they struggle to breath. It can be so dangerous as sometimes the stridor can be so bad that it completely stops them from breathing. Croupe can be accompanied with temperatures and lack of appetite etc but sometimes you only know about it when the cough hits. This very distinctive cough tends to make itself known in the night time when baby has been laying on their back. This is exactly what happened with Smidge that night. 

The fact that he couldn’t catch his breath was the most terrifying thing. When it was happening all I could think about was if I remembered my baby first aid training and if I would be able to help him if he stopped breathing. That is a thought that no mother ever me. That was why I called 999 rather than 111. I needed people here straight away that could help him if he stopped breathing and the way that he was going I was scared that that was a serious possibility. Thankfully the paramedics were here within minutes and were so amazing! In fact, all of the staff were that we saw on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning were just fantastic. People knock the NHS (and we may have spent 5 hours in a corridor rather than a room or ward with a bed) but the staff are just phenomenal. 

By 7am it was like the dramas of the previous night hadn’t even happened. Smidge was given steroids to help open his wind pipe and make breathing easier for him and that did the trick. He was fine again. BUT I am so glad I listened to my gut and rang the ambulance as unfortunately croupe isn’t new to us and I know how serious it can get. So if it could just bugger off away from my kids for a while that would be great as I don’t want to relive that night again!!  


Newborn products you ACTUALLY need! | Blog

When you have a baby it can be totally overwhelming to know what you need and what you don't need. When I was pregnant with Pickle, we brought everything. All the different baby products and gadgets and gizmos that were on offer and didn't end up using half of them! So, to help any new Mum's out their save some money I thought I'd share with you the baby products that we thought were a necessity and something that you actually need. I feel like I need to add that none of the products I mention in this post are sponsored or review things. They are all things that we genuine use and that I would recommend.

1. SnuzPod -
When we had Pickle back in 2014 we had a very traditional moses basket in our bedroom. It was cute and matched the theme of the nursery but it lasted for about 3 months. Pickle was such a chunky baby that by the time he was 12 weeks old he was getting cramped in it. We then moved him into his cot which was frustrating as that meant he had to go into his own room. This time round we brought a SnuzPod and I cannot recommend it enough. The SnuzPod is a bedside crib that you can either have
attached to the bed to make night feeding easier or you can have it as a stand alone crib. It suitable from birth up to 6 months meaning that you get a lot of use for your money and it is just so pretty! I love ours and wish that we would have brought one when Pickle was a baby as it would have been so much better than the moses basket.

2. Lansinoh Breast Pump
As you will know if you had read my blog before, I am combination feeding Smidge. The only reason we have been able to do this is because of my Lansinoh Breast Pump. If I didn't have it at home waiting for when I got home from the hospital then I probably would have just gone straight to formula as Smidge couldn't latch onto me. Having a pump meant that I could express and keep my supply going whilst we tried to get into some routine and find our feet. Even if you don't want to spend the money on an electric one then I would say it is a good idea to have a pump of some sort at home in case you want to try or in case anything goes wrong with breastfeeding.

3. Angelcare Bath Support
When I was small I remember that my Mum used to have a big yellow bath sponge type thing that she used to lay my brother in when he was in the bath. The Angelcare bath support is kind of the same thing but just a lot safer and easier to use. This bath support doesn't go moldy like those
sponges used to and it means that Smidge and Pickle can bath together making my life so much easier. It is the perfect support for Smidge and even has a little marker on it to tell you where the water level should be to make it safe. In my opinion, I wouldn't bother with a baby bath and the like, especially if your not having your first baby, and I would go straight in with a bath support.

4. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep
This has been so important to us!!! We had a perfect prep with Pickle and after a couple of weeks of using it for Smidge it broke. I was so reliant on it that I didn't even know how to make a bottle without it!! The Perfect Prep is a life saver when it comes to making bottles as it give you perfect temperature bottle in just 3 minutes. To some it may seem lazy but trust me, at 3am in the morning when you baby is screaming for milk, the Perfect Prep is a sanity saver!

5. A Play Mat
This is something that people don't really think about when they are getting things ready for a baby but it is something that I would really recommend people do look into and purchase. I found that Smidge really enjoyed laying on his play mat and having a kick around. He has got a basket downstairs that he sleeps in but when he is awake he doesn't like laying in it as he can't see what is around him. We brought a simple play mat from Smyths and it is the perfect play for him to lay when he is awake and wanting to play.

So there you have it. The things that I think you actually need when you have a baby. Let me know if you think I've missed anything off!


Puppy Dog Pals Giant Floor Puzzle | Review

Puppy Dog Pals is the brand new show that is over on Disney Junior with the catchiest theme tune ever...if you've seen the program then you will know. The show follows two little pugs called Bingo and Rolly and their lives with their owner Bob. It is a very sweet show where the pups have to go on 'missions' to resolve what ever is it issue of the episode. Pickle LOVES it and it has quickly become a firm favorite in our home. Due to the success of the show, a new range of toys have just been released. We were lucky enough to be sent the Puppy Dog Pals Giant Floor Puzzle and here is what we thought of it.