Chillipeeps Giveaway!!!

A little while back I discovered a wonderful little company called Chillipeeps and their product changed my feeding compartment of my changing bag forever!

Chillipeeps was founded by a lovely lady called Claire after she found a gaping hole in the market. She was out with her daughter when she realised she had a carton of ready made milk and a Volvic water bottle in her car but no clean, sterilised bottle. She couldn't understand why no one had invested anything that could attach directly to the carton and in that moment..The Chillipeeps Adapter was born.

There are two options when it comes to the Chillipeeps adapters, a silicone spout (suitable for 6 and 12 months) or a Vari-flow Silicon teat (suitable for 3, 6 and 12 months). Both come in a brilliant little pod and they attach directly to Aptamil, Cow & Gate, Fortini and Infatrini 200 ml ready-made formula cartons (including SMA & Hipp). They also fit onto Volvic and Evian bottles which are also low in sodium, low in sulphate and safe for your Bubs to drink. These are reusable, easy to clean and steralise (just pop them into solution or steam steriliser) and are BPS free. To put it basically, they are brilliant!

I brought a pair of these at the baby show in Birmingham back in May and they live in my changing bag along with a spare ready made milk so I know that if we are ever out and I forget a bottle or didn't bring Bubs drinking cup with me, I have got my Chillipeeps :)
Now, heres your chance to win your very own pair of Chillipeeps - the 3in1 Teat and 3in1 Spout. See below how to enter:

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Good luck and the winner will be announced on this post, via email and via Twitter and Facebook on 15/07/2015.


  1. Chillipeeps 3in1 are the most useful thing :)

  2. Ooh this looks like a really good product! The most useful thing in my bag is a stash of bibs and dribble bibs... heaven forbid I go anywhere without them! xx

  3. Muslin clothes are the most helpful thing in my changing bag - they're so versatile!

    Helen x


  4. These look like a lifesaver!! The most useful thing in my changing bag is baby wipes as they clean everything! xx

  5. Now that M is potty trained it has to be my foldable toilet seat as its so handy. if the public toilet seat is too big or dirty it just gets put on top! Simple! :-) x