Super exciting news...

I have some super super exciting news that I have been holding in for a little while now but it has recently just become official and now I can talk about it all I want....

I am now an official Blogger for Emma's Diary as part of their Blogger advocacy programme :) Which basically means that Emma's diary liked the look of my blog and the way I write so have asked me if I will guest post for them. This to me is so unbelievably exciting as I can't quite believe that a brand that is so well known as established like Emma's diary wants to work with little old me!!!!!

For those of you that don't know (well you must have been hiding under a rock), Emma's diary is a parenting channel that covers everything from trying to conceive and pregnancy all the way to talking about children of 3 and 4 years old. They have a website (visit them here: www.emmasdiary.com) which you can read all sorts of advice on and also sign up to their forums to allow you to chat with others in similar positions as you and they also have a magazine which you get in your bounty pack when you are pregnant which has vouchers for some fab Emma's diary packs.

My first post is due to go live on their site on the 19th August and I will OF COURSE be spamming all of my blog and social media sites with links to it as I am really proud to be involved in something like this.

Keep your eyes peeled for some other exciting things that are also coming soon which Emma's Diary has enabled me to be a part of.... its sooooo exciting (could I say that word anymore in this post??)




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