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Being a parent is one of the most difficult yet brilliant jobs in the world right. It's also one of the most important jobs you will ever do as you are looking after and raising the most precious thing you have ever laid eyes one before. I remember a few days before Bubba was born realising this fact and going into total panic mode. Why was there no training course or instruction manual for this?? You get training with every other job in the world so why not this one? The most important one?? Yes there are baby books and yes there are antenatal classes but does anyone every really learn very much from those? I turned to the web for help but after scrolling through what felt like thousands of different articles and web pages I felt more confused than ever.
Then...all of a sudden...Bubba was born and I was thrust into this brand new role of being a Mummy. This little bundle of love came with no instructions and I wasn't totally sure what I was doing but things just clicked. I knew what to do, I could go through a process of elimination to find out what Bubba wanted and I forgot about all of the different, conflicting advice I had heard and read. I didn't need a book or training, I had the best baby survival guide I could ever have...ME.

Tommee Tippee have tapped in to this little talked about resource of mothers instinct and created the brand new engaging micro site www.parent-on.com which aims to unite parents from all walks of life in sharing their parenting moments using the hash tag #Parenton and by offering simple snip-its of advice and parenting solutions through their website and products. They have also come up with some fantastic little picture and phrases which I love and think could really provide a little boost to any of the mummies out there who may be having a tough day of it (you can share these picture via the parent-on website onto Twitter and Facebook). Here's a couple of my favorites:

I know I have been talking a lot about when you first become a Mum and having #parenton moments but it really doesn't stop as your baby grows. Most recently, Bubba was poorly and one of the days whilst hubby was at work, Bubba crawled over to me for a cuddle and then (TMI) proceeded to cover both of us in a river of vomit (how these little things produce so much sick baffles me!!) and I just sat there for a moment not having a clue what to do with us both but do you know what? I sorted it! I got us both washed, redressed, the floor cleaned and we were back having a cuddle in no time at all. No one told me what to do and I had no instructions for what to do when Bubba re-enacts that scene from the exorcist and there is no one to help clean you both up but I coped...I managed...and I felt awesome about it! That was a real #parenton moment :)

Have you had any #parenton moments that will stick with you? Let me know and also check out the Tommee Tippee Parent - on website here :)

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