My Ignite Journey with Julia Buckley week 2.

Urgh....that is the only word (is it a word or just a sound??) that I can use to describe this past week. Bubs has been poorly and so have I, you can read more about this here, so it has been a really hard week. This has meant that my Ignite journey has fallen by the way side and I am gutted about it.

Well...I say I am gutted.. I was actually a little surprised when I took my measurements this week as I was sure that I would have put on as all I have done since last Monday is either sat on the sofa with a poorly baby on me or sat on the sofa under a blanket poorly myself. Also, I haven't stuck to my meal plan this week. At the start of the week it was because Bubba wasn't sleeping properly so I didn't have time to prep and cook all the lush meals I had planned, it was just a case of ''quick eat whilst you can as he is finally down for 5 mins!''. Then from Wednesday onward, I could barely swallow so pretty much was surviving on tinned soup and scrambled egg. AND... I didn't do any of the ignite workouts this week either which I actually really really missed but I felt so rubbish that I could barely heave myself out of bed let alone do burpies & squats!

Apart from missing the exercise so much more than I thought I would, I have also learnt this week that Julia and the ladies that are on this programme with me are a brilliant bunch! We have a message group which we use to support each other, share tips and ask questions and they were all so supportive with what was going on with the lovely Julia messaging me a couple of times to see how Bubba was and to check in on how I was feeling. It wasn't about getting back into the programme, it was about me getting better so that I could get back in when I was ready...and boy am I ready!!!

I am so pumped about this week. I have my meal plan sorted and can't wait to get my sports bra back on (tmi??) and feel that burn!! So...before I go..here are my stats for this week which actually surprised me as I really thought I would have put on..

Belly:            45 Inches (the same as last week)
Upper arms:  15 inches (I lost an inch here..guessing that was because it was the only part of me that
                       has really moved this week!!)
Thighs:          27 inches (the same as last week)
Hips:             46 inches (the same as last week)
Fitness:        Can't really comment on this one as I have felt so rubbish that I couldn't have exercised
                      even if I wanted to.

So that has been my week. Fingers crossed that now I am back to health I will have a better week this week and some great stats to report next time :)


  1. It's so crappy when you're poorly, especially when you have grand plans. I'm now not allowed to the gym for a week and I feel as though I can already feel the jelly belly creeping in because I constantly eat anyway. However.. look at those measurements! You've at least stayed the same which I'd say is a great achievement considering all things illness in the house. You're doing so well and it's great to see you so motivated. Keep up the work lovely xxx

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