Fakeaway with Napolina.

I love nothing more than a cheeky takeaway on a Saturday night in front of some good old Saturday night TV. I especially love it when that takeaway is a pizza but the last few times we have ordered from a takeaway, I have found that it has been super greasy and I haven't really enjoyed it. So, when Napolina challenged us to make a ''fakeaway'' pizza I jumped at the chance.

Napolina are specialists in Italian cuisine and have a huge variety of products available to help bring the taste of Italy right to your dinning room table. We were sent some of their pizza bases, passata, chopped tomatoes, tomatoe puree and olive oil to make our very own fakeaway pizza. We were also sent some toppings from Aldi and Princes to help us make the perfect pizza!

The pizza base sauce was so easy to make. I found a recipe online which used some chopped tomatoes, passata, tomatoe puree with some basil and oregano sprinkled in which only took 10 minutes to cook. Once the pizza base sauce was done we then got to making our pizzas. We spread the home made sauce on to the pizza bases and then topped with our different choices. We made a cheese and tomatoe one for bubs, Hubby had a ham and mushroom pizza and I made my favourite which is tuna and sweetcorn. 15 minutes in the oven later and the pizzas were done.

As you can see by the pictures, Bubba LOVED his. He is a huge pizza fan anyway and with this pizza, I really liked that I knew exactly what was in it. Hubby's pizza was great. The base stayed nice and crispy and didn't go soggy which was a massive plus and the sauce tasted great. I was so excited to eat mine that I forgot to take a picture (bad blogger alert!!) and it was sooooooo yummy!! None of our pizza's were greasy or oily which was surprising as we used quite a bit of cheese. All of the bases stayed really firm and didn't soak up all of the sauce which was great.

So...overall I think that the Napolina products helped us to make the perfect ''fakeaway'' and we will definitely be using them again!

To see the full range of Napolina products then click here :)

Note: Thank you to Aldi, Napolina and Princes for sending through the ingrediance to make these pizzas. Even though we were sent these items, all views and opinions expressed in this post are honest and my own. 

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