Overwhelmed with love.

Sometimes I take a minute just to look at my little boy. Take him all in and soak every single little feature of him up. I see his tiny button nose, his toothy grin, his rosy little cheeks, his tiny fingers, his beautiful, innocent eyes, his chubby little tum all the way down to his tickley little toes. I take a few seconds to listen to his voice and his laugh. I try so hard to memorise his cheeky little giggle and his babbly, chatty voice. Even after 16 months I find it so hard to believe that I created him. I can't get my head around that fact that grew him and felt him wiggling around in my tummy all those months ago and now he is here it's like I have never been without him. My perfect little boy.

I then have a feeling that is so hard to explain. I feel totally overwhelmed with love. When I really look at him the feeling of love that washes over me is so intense, so powerful and so unlike any other emotion I have ever felt ever. I feel it so deep in my heart that it almost becomes a physical feeling. Sometimes it is so strong that it brings me to tears. I can't believe that this wonderful little person is mine to love and protect for all of my life and I feel so grateful and blessed that I get to watch him grow up and that we get to share our days together.

Watching him develop his own little personality makes me beam with pride and see the amazing, funny, crazy little toddler that he is turning into makes me feel so bless that I get to watch yet so sad that he is growing up. It makes me heart flutter when I see him laughing at hubby being silly and hearing him say 'oooohhhh' when something doesn't go right makes me smile so wide that is almost hurts my face.

The only way I can describe it is that I feel overwhelmed with love for this little person. I feel overwhelmed that I could ever love anyone as much as I love my son. It scares me a little as I don't understand how I would ever be able to love anyone as much as I love him. He is my world. His smile brings happiness into my heart and his presence brings light into my life.
I guess that's why they say a mothers love is like no other.

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  1. I love this post! I always look at Toby and Teddy like this and you just get that rushing feeling all over and wonder how you got so lucky. You want to cry, laugh, smile and pick them up and hug them all at the same time. They're hard work, but boy are they worth it x

  2. Ah such a lovely post Ami! I totally get the overwhelming thing! Sometimes I find myself biting something like T's dummy really hard because the love is about to burst out of me hahaha! And then that is quadrupled when I'm at work and then come home to her!!

  3. I love this Ami! I get the very same feeling, and I often stop and think about how much I love Zach. It's crazy just how much love you can have for your baby! I miss him when he's asleep, and even though sometimes he's super hard work it is worth every second. xx