Lets not be shy...

A word that is surrounded by embarrassment, taboo and sterotypes. When most people say the word incontinence, images of little old people with bladder problems spring to mind but what about everyone else? I'm not embarrassed to say that I had to deal with incontinence just before I had Bubba and for a couple of months after I had given birth. It's normal and most people will have to cope with it at some point in their life so why is it such a shady topic??
Hartmann direct are specialists in products to help with incontinence and they are currently running a survey (closing on the 10/06/2016) to find out what people really think of incontinence and I would love as many of you as possible to fill this in to share what people really think. It only takes a couple of minutes but your input is so valuable to them so please so fill it in :)


Thanks for (hopefully) filling this in and remember to have a look at Hartmann directs website if you would like some help or advice.

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