Nickelodeon Store Turns One!!

When I was younger, I remember the satellite man coming round to our house and fitting a grey box outside that gave us a whole new word of telly. This little grey box gave me a channels that were dedicated solely to kids TV (not just kids TV from 3-6pm( and one of those channels was Nickelodeon. It was because of Nickelodeon I found my childhood favourites.. the likes of Keenan and Kel, Sabrina the teenage witch and the Rugrats. Now it is home to some of the UK's most popular kids shows such as Paw Patrol, SpongeBob Square Pants and the Rugrats (still!). Nickelodeon has become so popular in recent years that it now even has it's own store and this week it's flagship store in Leicester Square turns one!!

The Nickelodeon store in Leicester Square has welcomed an estimated 650,000 visitors over the last year and has introduced 2500 new items since it has been opened. The store features over 4000 square feet of Nickelodeon memorabilia showcasing their most beloved brands. In addition to it's extensive range of merchandise, the store also features the Dora the Explorer colouring tree and SpongeBob Pineapple I-Pad bar.

To put into perspective how huge this store is I have a couple of facts:
1. The Nickelodeon Store spans 2 floors and is more than 418m squared which could fit SIX double decker London buses!!
2. The store has a glass frontage of 116m squared making it more than twice the size of BFI London IMAX screen.
3. If you stacked every cuddly toy for sale in the store it would reach higher than the London Olympic stadium!!!

Basically, this is a huge store filled to the brim with Nickelodeon goodies! The Store is open every day with fans also being able to purchase items online at http://nickelodeonstore.co.uk You could even get a chance to meet SpongeBob himself at the store so check out their website now!

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