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I have always been really passionate about Bubba brushing his teeth. As soon as his first tooth popped through we went and brought him a little toothbrush and his own toothpaste so that we could help him to look after his precious teeth. Bubba now knows that we brush our teeth morning and night and even though he can't do it himself, he gives it his best shot and we then give them a good scrub once he's finished giving it a go. He even has 2 toothbrushes and he insists on using both of them whenever it's time to do our teeth :) But I do know that not all children are as willing as Bubba is when it comes to brushing their teeth.

In fact...here is some shocking information from the Oral Health Foundation about our children's teeth:
1. A third of all children starting school each year have signs of tooth decay.
2. Sugar makes up 15% of the daily calories consumed by 4 to 10 year olds.
3. 40% of children do not visit the dentist do not visit the dentist each year as recommended.
These facts horrify me and that is why I am so determined to help Bubba understand the importance of good dental care. That includes the correct way to brush and how long to brush for.

Aquafresh obviously share my mind set in the importance of teaching our children and to help us parents and the little ones along they have created the Aquafresh Brushtime App and we were lucky enough to give it a try to see what we thought of it. This app aims to help parents avoid those brushtime battles and makes brushing fun and entertaining whilst teaching the little ones the right way to brush and how long to brush for. Your little one can pick what character they want to brush along with, pick the background (the beach, a mouth etc) and even get to pick the music and what type of dancing the character does (the goofy dancing had me and hubby in stiches mainly because hubby thought the app had stolen his moves!!). The app then has a timer of 2 mins and counts down so your child can see how long they need to carry on brushing for. For me, the best part of this app has to be the way that it shows your child where they should be brushing and for how long. It basically gives them instructions as they go and I even learnt about how I should be brushing bubbas teeth.
I love this app! If I am being honest, it's a little bit too old for Bubba but I found it educational and he thought it was hilarious watching me and hubby dance along to the music. I think it's clever, fun, informative and exciting for kids and should hopefully offer a bit of support to those mummies and daddies that dread brushtime each morning and night.

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