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Christmas is magical when your a child. There is no other way to describe it and for me the magic stems from one man... Father Christmas! His reindeers, his sleigh, his elves, his workshop...the list is endless and this year I was given a chance to try out the amazing Portable North Pole (PNP) website and app to help bring some Santa magic into our home this Christmas!

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Portable North Pole is one of the worlds most loved Christmas family entertainment brands and their mission is to bring the magic of Christmas to you and your family through videos and calls with the big man himself. I used the app to make our videos and it was so easy! I actually started by making a video for Hubby (as there is an option for adults to hear from the big man too!) and I typed in hubbys
name, some of his traits and uploaded a picture of him. I then had to add some details about me as the sender and in couple of minutes I had a video from Santa. The process is almost the same when making one for the little ones, the only difference is that you pick from a long list of things that you could ask them to do to be good.

The videos themselves are such good quality. If I am being honest I was a little worried they would look a little ''home made'' but these serious look like Hollywood films. They are filled with lot's of different shots and so much attention to detail. Santa is amazing as well. It's plain to see that they are filming Santa himself talking to the kiddies but how on earth they do it so quickly after the information has been tapped in is beyond me...especially as Santa is so busy at this time of year! ;)
The other thing that I love about the videos is the reaction cam which give us parents a chance to record the little ones reaction to seeing what Santa has to say to them. Every time you play a new video a message pops up asking if you want to record their reaction which I love as I get caught up in all the excitement which means I would forget to film their reaction.

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This app does more than just videos though. You can also get a call from Santa if your little one has been really good and needs some praise OR if they have been a little naughty and need to have a chat with Santa. The app has a parents section (filled with all the important stuff us parents need to know and do to let Santa know what has been happening) which is locked by a code so that little eyes can't read what we are telling Santa. There is then the children's section of the app which includes any messages they have been sent by Santa, some games and also a chance to listen to Santa read a story every week during December.

The Portable North Pole app and website is fantastic. There is no other way of putting it. We have tried a few of these types of websites in the past couple of years but this one is by far my favourite. It's so easy to use but gives such fantastic results. It's also really good value for money in my opinion. A magic pass is £9.99 and for that you get unlimited premium videos, unlimited santa calls, HD downloads of your videos, a story time video every week in December with Santa, the reaction cam and you can even get Santa-approved certificates to print for each of you videos. All of that for just £9.99!!!!

I would really recommend downloading this app now if you haven't already as with just over a week until the big day it is the perfect way to bring some extra magic into your home this Christmas.

To find out all about Portable North Pole and how to get your very own magic pass click here!!

Note - we were given a magic pass for the purpose of this review but all opinions expressed are honest and 100% my own. 

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