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Recently Rattan Direct sent me a really interesting quiz all about baby proofing your home. They share the shocking statistic that half a million children under the age of 4 are hurt in the home each year and the majority of these incidents are preventable. Don't get me wrong, children do get hurt. They get bumps to the head and bruises as (if they are anything like pickle) they are constantly climbing and running but what about the really important things that we can prevent and need to know about. Do you know what the biggest danger is to children when it comes to choking? Do you know what Christmas items are poisonous to babies? Rattan Direct have created a quiz to help test out knowledge and help in any areas that we could use a little guidance.

Click here to take the quiz for yourself.

I took the quiz and am pretty pleased to say that I got 9/10!! (I feel like the class boffin again!)The only thing I got wrong was about scalding temperatures. The actual temperature that scalding occurs is higher than I thought. I think I am a bit too over protective about safety sometimes but it's still good to check and make sure your in the know.

So how did you score?? Let me know in the comments below!

note: this is a collaborative post

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