To the person who decided to close the Children Centres | Blog

When Pickle was born I knew no other Mummies that were around the same age as me in my local area. None of my friends had babies and for the first couple of weeks after pickle was born I relied on the Baby Centre forums for comfort and support. Of course I had my Mum and hubby and my family but there is something so different about having people in your life who are going through the same things as you. It makes you feel more normal but I didn't have that unless I went online. That was until I went along to my local children's centre to get pickle weighed when he was four weeks old.


Staring at the floor...literally! | Blog

Recently Pickle fell over at the park. It wasn't just a little trip...it was a full on fall on the floor without putting his hands down to stop him. In that second that I saw his feet fumble underneath him it was like time stood still. I was too far away to catch him and I could see that he wasn't going to save himself so I had no choice but to watch him fall. I had visions of blood and tears but he bounced. He literally bounced!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. He fell, bounced and rolled then stood up and carried on to the steps of the slide. For a moment I couldn't work out why he had come away totally unscathed from his fall. Then it dawned on me...the bright, colourful flooring that surrounded all of the equipment in the park wasn't just there to look pretty. It was impact safety flooring and it was the reason that pickle bounced.


Mental Health and Me | Blog

Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it? Your out of the moment so it allows you to gain some perspective and see things for what they really are. Hindsight has recently really opened my eyes and made me see that maybe my mental health isn't as stable and unshakable as I always thought it was. I've always been a very strong advocate in making your own happiness and if your unhappy then change it and I thought that was my view on mental health too but I've realised now that my opinion was wrong and very one layered. Mental health problems come in so many different forms and serveritys and after a lot of thinking I'm pretty sure that I have some problems that could have the opportunity to rear their ugly head at any point. Let me explain...


How to make flying with a toddler easy! | Blog

As you must know by now by all of the holiday spam on my blog and Instagram, we have recently come back from a holiday to Mallorca. This was pickles first time on an airplane and as he is going to be 3 in September I was gearing up for a tough time on the plane. I was expecting him to get bored and agitated at being in a small chair for over 2 hours so I did quite a bit of planning and prep before hand on how I could make the journey as stress free for all of us as possible and IT WORKED!!!
Pickle was so well behaved and entertained for the entire flight which made the journey as pleasant as possible for hubby and I and all the people around us so I thought I would share with you my top tips for flying with a toddler!

1. Get an iPad filled with games and their favourite shows and some headphones.

The iPad was a god send for us during our flight. Pickle was happy as Larry playing different games such as the Disney Junior app and the kiddloland app and when he got bored of that we were able to pop on an episode of Paw Patrol or Thomas whilst he had a snack. It kept him entertained and he could even have it on during take off and landing which was brilliant!!


Holiday Style for Hubby with Jacamo | Review

As you will probably know if you read my blog or look at any of my social media accounts, we have just come back from a wonderful holiday to Mallorca. I don't know about you but hubby is the worst when it comes to making sure he has everything he needs for holiday. I'm pretty sure men just think that they can take 2 pairs of swimming shorts and a couple of t-shirts and they will be set for the week. I wanted us to go out for a couple of nice meals whilst we were away and wanted something nicer for him to wear than his normal scruffy shorts and tee so when I was contacted asking if I wanted to review some clothes for hubby I jumped at the chance.