Maybe I’m ready | Blog

Maybe I’m ready to share my heart 

Maybe I’m ready to go back to the start

Maybe I’m ready to wait and see

Maybe I’m ready to think what will be will be

The waiting, the wondering, the love and the fears,

Maybe I’m ready... I haven’t been for years.

Could I cope? Could I share? Could I be enough for two?

Would it happen? Would it work? Could I be one of the lucky few?

It’s not always plain sailing am I ready to take that risk?

It’s not always a happy ending, am I ready to put myself through this?

Is this how it’s meant to be, am I meant to question if it’s right?

Or does that mean I’m not ready and when I thinking about it in the broad day light...

The crying, the lack of sleep and not forgetting the poo,

It was hard when we had one but how does it work when you have two?

How do people spilt themselves and be the best that they can be

For two children who depend on them... that person would be me!

But then I remember that so many have two and they all do just fine

Maybe now I’m ready, maybe it’s our time.

Completing our family and creating another life,

Thinking about siblings, it could actually be quite nice.

Someone to grow with, play with and fight like cat and dog

Someone to cry with, share hard times with and help you through the fog.

Yes I think I’m ready, I think that it’s about time,

I think that now I’m ready, and I’m sure we will all be just fine.

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  1. You can definitely never be ready for 2, it is crazy! I'm hoping it will get easier soon �� (mother of 3 month old and 20 month old boys!)

  2. Aw, love it Ami! There's never a right time to add to your family, just dive right in! It's tough but it really isn't that much different than having one, which was the biggest upheaval for me!

  3. I worried about being able to love a second as much as my first. But a wise friend told me: when you have a second your heart justgrows bigger so you love them both the same. She was right. Kate www.fivelittlestars.com

  4. We thought we wanted two but I became very reluctant after a difficult birth and long recovery. Friends have had two and we've come to realise we're more than happy with one. If it's right for you, then go for it. XXX

  5. Ahhhh what a lovely way of putting the deliberation of having a second out there...we only have one but I can totally understand the thoughts and feelings here.

  6. At the beginning I thought it was about a new relationship which in a way it is. I don't yet have kids so not sure I can fathom the feelings at the moment.

  7. I think it is something that only you know when you are ready. Life has a way of upsetting even the best made plans so I think you just need to do what suits you.
    (hubby helping out)

  8. I never felt properly ready for another, yet I now have three children. xx

  9. It took a whole for me to feel ready for a second. Our boys are 4 years apart.