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As you will know if you read my blog regularly, I’m a pregnant BUT that doesn’t mean I have to stop going to the gym and being active. Don’t get me wrong, in November and December when I was in my first trimester I didn’t go to the gym as I was so exhausted and sick that I could not think of anything worse than working out BUT now that I am in my second trimester and have my energy back I have been LOVING getting back in the gym.

If you have read my blog before then you will know that we are members of David Lloyd Southend. We have worked with them previously through the blog but even before this we had memberships but I have never been a pregnant gym member before so I wanted to share my experiance of being a preggo gym bunny.

Firstly (and slightly off topic) let’s talk about dressing for the gym. I have got sooooo wound up recently as NO WHERE does nice looking maternity gear at a decent price. If you want to spend £85 on a pair of black leggings then yeah you can get maternity gear BUT if your like me and think that spending that amount on a pair of leggings with some extra material for the bump is just mental then you may just have to do what I do. Get yourself some cheapy leggings in the size above what your normally are and make sure they are high waisted so support your bump. Then grab your favourite Lycra stretchy gym top and you’re good to go!

Now let’s talk about actually exercising. The most IMPORTANT thing to remember when you are working out when pregnant is to listen to your body and listen to the professionals. Check first with your midwife that it’s okay to get into the gym. Most of the time there won’t be any problems but you're best to make sure first. Secondly, speak to the team at the gym. I had a chat with my lovely Zumba instructor and also a couple of the Personal Trainers at David Lloyd Southend to check what I could and couldn’t do. It was pretty obvious to be fair; no massively heavy lifting, don’t over exert yourself, do a lower intensity version of the moves etc but it was still so good for me to chat to them as it also made them aware so they could keep an eye out for me. The lovely guys at the gym were also able to suggest what type of exercise would be good for me. Cycling (not in the third trimester), walking on an incline, pregnancy yoga, light impact zumba and swimming were all recommended to me and so far I’ve found all of them great. Swimming has been especially good as you feel weightless in the water and I find it so relaxing to go for a swim.

Lastly, and most importantly, listen to your body! Going to the gym whilst pregnant shouldn’t be about loosing weight or “gains”. It should be all about keeping active and fit to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you’re working out and you feel something not right then STOP! It will probably be nothing more than a twinge but that twinge is your body saying that it doesn’t like something. Stop whatever your doing, have a break and then reevaluate. Try something different and see if that is any better.

So, that is my thoughts on getting back into the gym with my bump. When I was pregnant with Pickle I didn't have a gym membership and literally did no exercise apart from walking to the fridge and back so getting active at this gym this time has been amazing and I am enjoying it so much. I am also hoping that it delays or stops me getting SPD again but we will see if I am that lucky.

If you're interested in getting fit in 2018 then check out the David Lloyd website to find your local club and to see what great offers they have for memberships!


  1. Such great advice! My best friend recently found out she's pregnant so I'll be sending her this page to have a look at because I know she's quite anxious about exercising safely!

  2. Good for you! I agree, there's no reason why you can't work out when pregnant as long as you are sensible (which it sounds like you are!). Totally agree with the ridiculous price of maternity work out gear, too. Not sure who has that kind of money to burn, but it's not me! haha

  3. Exercising whilst pregnant, in a sensible way, is a very good idea (though not something to feel bad about if you feel too poorly and sick/tired to go) Great awareness raising post!

  4. You're definitely right about listening to your body, you need to do what feels right for you x

  5. Good you are still exercising while pregnant. That is great!

  6. I use to do a little yoga with my second but not the gym. I think its a great idea and I am sure it will help you. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x

  7. I admire you going to the gym while you're pregnant. But even more so that you've consulted the trainers and made them aware that you're pregnant. I kept up the dog walks but will admit that's about as much I did. In my defense I was working full time as a scientist so did spend alot of my day on my feet and moving.

  8. I so wished I could go to the gym whilst pregnant and keep my routine up as I was told that was perfectly safe as long as I didn't over do it but my body had other plans. It's brilliant you've still been going! Listening to your body really important I think, not pushing yourself too much. I really enjoyed this post!

    Jordanne // Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk