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No Mess Painting Fun with Little Brian's Paint Sticks | AD - Review

 Note: These items were sent to us for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and our own.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you will know that we are huge fans of Little Brian Paint sticks in our house. I love them because they are clean, easy and no fuss and the boys love them because I let them paint and play with them whenever they ask because they are so mess free!!! So, when we were sent some of their brand-new paint stick range, we were all super excited about what we were going to receive!

We were lucky enough to be sent some amazing goodies from the Little Brian Paint Sticks range to add to our ever-growing collection including the Paint Sticks Bucket, Giant Paint Stick set and a pretty cool Paint-a-Puzzle kit. Pickle is super creative and loves nothing more than to sit and paint and create so these goodies were perfect for him and right up his street!

First, let me share a bit about Paint Sticks with you and explain why I love them so bloody much! I am not a ‘crafty’ parent. I do not do mess and glitter and sticky stuff…it just isn’t for me, but I do always try to let the boys do arts as I want to encourage their creativity. Finding a balance between letting them explore arts and crafts whilst not making me freak out about mess and paint being everywhere (Smidge is a serial graffiti artist when it comes to drawing on walls and furniture!!) can be difficult. In my opinion, Paint Sticks are the perfect way for my boys to paint. They are mess free as you don’t need brushes or water, they clean off of skin, clothes, walls and furniture really easily (and yes I am talking from experience here) and they are great for little ones to paint on more than just paper. They enable 360 painting and my two love nothing more than creating art on and inside of boxes and all sorts of things they create rather than just on normal paper. They are a serious winner all round.

The Paint Stick bucket is perfect if you are looking for something a little portable. The handle bucket comes with 20 paint sticks inside and has a lid making it great to take out and about. It also is a great way to store the paint sticks and keep them tidy. The Giant Paint Stick is another great storage option as it comes with 30 different sticks, all of which can be stored inside the giant stick. The bucket has an RRP of £13.00 and the giant stick comes in with an RRP of £17.99, both of which I think are great prices as the sticks last for ages and they are so brilliantly mess free!

The final item we were sent was the Paint-a-Puzzle which Pickle absolutely loved. It was probably a bit too complex for Smidge who is 2 as he just wants to paint everywhere but it was perfect for Pickle who is almost 6 as he really took his time painting carefully and colouring in the farm yard scene so that he could then keep the puzzle and play with it again and again. The Paint-a-Puzzle is available for just £14.00 and comes with 6 paint sticks too so it would make a great gift for any little one as it comes with everything you need.

In summary, if you have not guessed already, we are huge advocate of Little Brian’s Paint Stick and I basically think that every parent needs them in their arts and crafts arsenal! They are super affordable, last for ages, mess free and most important, kids love them!! What more could you want? So next time your looking for something creative for your little ones, make sure you check out Little Brian and their range of Paint Sticks!



Little Live Pets | AD - Review

NOTE: This items were sent to us for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and our own. 

How many times has your little one asked for a pet? OR how many pets do you have, or have you had thanks to the kids and their promising to look after them? Pets are a huge commitment what with remembering to clean them out, feed them, play with them, give them exercise... the list is endless and, let’s be honest, with the majority of children once the initial excitement of having a pet wears off, it is us parents that are left with yet another thing to sort out and look after. Well... not anymore!!! Thanks to Little Live Pets, your little one can have all the fun of having a pet without the boring bits that you end up doing. 


Learning about emotions with Love Monster | Review

Note: We were sent some items for this post and paid for our time but all opinions are honest and our own. 

Anyone who knows my family and I will know that Pickle is a little bit of a sensitive soul. He is super kind and gentle and prides himself of looking after the people around him. Even his school report focused on the fact he is so kind and considerate to others. Because he is so sensitive it can sometimes be hard for him to understand and decipher all his emotions. He does not understand why all people cannot be kind to one another and he gets very upset when him, or anyone he loves is sad or feeling down. When we came across the Love Monster series on Cbeebies I knew that it was going to be something great for him to watch and something that would hopefully help him in understanding all the big emotions he has right now, especially with lockdown and bubbles and goodness knows what else.


Meet Ravel Tales! | Review

Note: this item was sent to us for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own. 

If your children are anything like mine, then they love a blind bag or surprise style toy. Pickle loves nothing more than opening a mystery bag but I often find that the toys inside are one hit wonders that get played with for all of 5 minutes and 2 minutes of that time is the opening of the bag itself! They never seem to have any longevity and I also really hate the waste that comes with these types of toys. Ravel Tales Collectable toys break the mould when it comes to surprise toys and I am so impressed with their new range and everything that is included.