10 things I wish I could tell the 2013 me...

I was having a conversation the other day with a Mummy friend and she asked me if I could remember my life without Bubba. I've been thinking about this for the last few days as I really do find it hard to remember my life before becoming Mummy. It then made me think about what I would tell my pre baby self and I thought I would share.

1. Enjoy your lazy weekend lay ins.

Quite often on a Saturday or Sunday me and Hubby would just laze in bed for an hour or so before getting up. Nothing major but just an hour of snuggles, sleepy chats and future dreaming. We can still do this now but it tends to include a very loud little bug blowing raspberries in between us whilst trying to stick his fingers up your nose!!

2. Don't take popping to the shops for granted.

When you have a baby to take with you, you will never pop anywhere. Ever. Again! It now takes us at least 10 mins to leave the house after checking we have dummies, nappies, chew toys ect and wrestling Bubba into his car seat or pram.

3. Enjoy spending time with your family.

I love my family to bits and love spending time with them and I like to think they like my company too. But now Bubba is here I'm pretty sure I could walk in dressed like a monkey and they would notice as long as I have bubba with me :)

4. Appreciate a full nights sleep.

Remember when you slept from 10 til 7 without waking up once? Nope...didn't think so!

5. Go out more!

Before Bubba, me and Hubby used to love a good night out (as you can tell from the photo). A party or pub with friends, lots of Captain Morgans for him and too many wines for me then a raging
hangover for the two of us the next day only cured by a duvet day watching crap TV. I haven't been for a 'proper' night out since before I fell pregnant and as much as I am desperate for one I do worry how I will cope with a hangover and a 7 month old even if Hubby is home to help.

6. Use those beautiful handbags more.

Handbag? Whats a handbag? All I use now is a massive baby bag filled with teething rings and sweetcorn ring snacks!!

7. Oh...and your shoes..loves those shoes you have.

Majority of my pre-pregnancy shoes don't fit me anymore. Not sure why my feet grew during pregnancy and never went back but I do know that my heart breaks a little every time I attempt to stuff my huge trotters in a pair of those beautiful heels and have to settle for the Havana's :(

8. Man up!

I was always quite a hypochondriac and thought I had a very low pain threshold. After going through the labour that I did I can proudly say that I am a lot better than I thought I was.

9. Don't stress the small stuff.

I have always been a worrier and stressed over anything and everything. Since having Bubba I think he put things into perspective and made me see that there is a lot more to life than worrying about the little things.

10. You don't know what true love is..

I thought that I knew what true love was. I love my Husband to pieces and love him more than I thought possible. That was until Bubba came into our lives. I still love Hubby more than words but the love I feel for our little boy is like nothing I have ever felt before in my life and before he was here, I could imagine the magnitude of that love. So, Ami, if you thought you knew what love was before Sep 2014...think again :)

If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself in hindsight?

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