Mummy worries...

Think I mentioned before that I am a worrier. Always have been and think I always will be. I'm the type of person that will check the back door is locked before going to bed even though I know full well it hasn't been opened all day. Worrying is just in my nature. I think that's one of the reasons me and hubby work so well as he is more rational and chilled about things and that balances my neurotic worrying. 

When I had bubba, the little worry bug in me turned into a whole new monster. When we brought Bubba home from hospital it suddenly dawned on me one day that I had the most precious little miracle in my care and I suddenly became worried about everything. Was the room too hot, was he having enough milk, was he having too much milk, am I bathing him too much, is he sleeping too much. Everything I did was filled with doubt after all I had never done this before. It was like trying to build Ikea furniture without an instruction book (bloody hard work). As time went on though I started to relax a little. I started to see what Bubba liked and disliked and started to understand what he's different crys meant and what he needed from me. I started to realise that this whole baby raising malarkey was a bit of trail and error. If Bubba was crying I would almost go through a list in my head. Is he hungry or tired? Does he need changing or does he just want a cuddle? In time the worry monster went back to just being a little niggingly bug that popped up every now and again. 

As bubba gets older though, I started to realise that just when I think I've got something sussed and I can stop worrying about it, something else comes along to feed that anxiety monster. For example.. We sussed the whole napping and getting into a routine scenarios but then we started weaning and I was worrying that Bubba was getting enough milk! I managed to get the hang of entertaining him whilst I got ready in the morning but then I started worrying that Bubba was exposed to too much TV (see previous post). To be honest. I think this will be The way it is for the rest of my life. It will get less as bubba gets older but I'm pretty sure that even my mum worries about me every now and again and I'm 26! I just need to make sure that I'm keeping that worry monster under control and not letting it stop Bubba and I from doing things in our every day life.

Is there anything you worry about? Do you have any tips for dealing with this kind of anxiety? 

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