My 5 new baby MUST HAVES!!

When I was pregnant I spent hours looking at blogs recommending different products that I would/could need once baby was here. I loved finding out what people thought of different products and what people were using so I thought, Hey...why don't I write one :)
Bubba was born almost 8 months ago so I thought about the stuff that I found totally vital in those last couple of months of pregnancy and also the first month or so of being a Mummy and this is what I came up with:

1. Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow:

Oh my goodness! I loved this pillow so much. If it wasn't for the fact that Bubba did a huge massive
black poop all over it during our stay in hospital resulting in me throwing it away, I would probably still sleep cuddling it now (suppose Hubby will have to do instead!). I have mentioned before that I suffered with SPD during my last few months of pregnancy and this pillow was a God send and let me get some well needed sleep in a little less pain. I think it is a little expensive for a pillow but it was worth the money as I used it from about 3 months pregnant and loved it! It can also be used as a nursing pillow once bubba is here. They are currently in Mothercare for £47.99

2. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine:

There is a lot of stuff floating around the internet about this particular product and it seems to be a bit like marmite. You either love it or hate it and me and Hubby both LOVE ours. It makes a bottle of totally filtered water at the perfect temperature in about 3 mins. No more messing around with boiling the kettle and then letting it cool down or trying to get it warmer when Bubba is screaming for a feed. At 3 am when you have been feeding a newborn every 2/3 hours the last thing we wanted to be doing was messing around with boiling water and cooling it ect. Some may see it as lazy and it may well be but anything that made my life a little easier when Bubba was newborn was a welcome addition. We still use it now and at around £90 it may be expensive but I can defiantly say that it is worth the investment. Shopping around is best for this product as it comes in white or black and ranges in price depending on if you can get it on special.

3. Infacol:

I brought a bottle of this before Bubba was born as I wasn't sure if I would need it and boy was I glad I did. One evening when Bubba had been screaming for a good hour or so I tried a shot of infacol at the recommendation of my Mum. Fast forward half an hour and a lot of wind passing later, my happy bubba was back. We ended up using this for a couple of months with Bubba as he struggled with wind but I recommend getting one for those 'just in case times' as unfortunately with all things baby it is a matter of trial and error :) Infacol is usually available in most supermarket and pharmacy's for around £3.00.

4. Ewan the dream sheep:

This little cuddly toy is BRILLIANT! I can't remember how I heard about Ewan but we brought him when Bubba was about 2 weeks old and have never looked back. Ewan is a little sheep that has 4 buttons in his legs and a pink light in his chest. Each leg plays a different sound ;classical harp music, a heart beat, rain and a hoover, all with a heartbeat underneath the sound as to mimic the sound baby would hear in the womb. The pink light as appose to a white light is also meant to mimic what a baby would see in the womb. As you can see from the picture, Bubba still goes to sleep with Ewan every night (not normally balanced on his face like the picture I hasten to add!) and in the night if he stirs at all I just go in and pop Ewan on and he drifts back off again. A total must!
We brought our Ewan from John Lewis but you can also get him from boots, toys r us and kiddicare for around £29.95.

5. Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer (or any bouncer that you fancy).

At about 3 weeks old it came to light that Bubba was suffering with silent reflux. This meant that he needed to be sat up for half an hour after a feed to stop the milk from coming back up again and causing him discomfort. Now, as much as I love my baby there are just sometimes that I just did not have the time to sit and hold him upright for half an hour after his feeds. There were also times where he just didn't want to be held. We were brought a swing before he was born and he hated it (in hindsight it was probably because he was being swished around after just drinking loads of milk and trying to deal with reflux) so we brought him the Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer and he loved it. I actually felt pretty sad when he outgrew it at 6 months. This one comes with 2 monkeys on a bar which he loved to play with as he got older but he was happy at 3 weeks old to have a little snooze in it or to just watch us whilst we ate dinner ect. The bouncer we had is available from Argos, kiddicare and Symths among others and costs around £35-£40 depending on where you purchase from.

So...what are your must haves for a new baby? Have you got any products that you love?? Let me know in the comments.

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