Remembering the man behind Daddy

My husband is a wonderful father. There is no doubt about it, his little boy is his world and when it comes to it, Bubba has Hubby wrapped around his little finger! Seeing him with our son makes my heart swell and feel like it could burst. I could honestly have not wished for a better man to have created a new little life with.
Weekends are so precious to hubby as he works so hard all week, coming in normally about half an hour before bedtime so only really seeing Bubba for a little bit of time each day. This weekend we had quite a busy one seeing family and friends and it was only when I was looking back over some photos of the weekend that I realised how much I love that man behind the Daddy.
To Bubba, I hope that that man will always be someone he looks up to and respects. Someone who is his friend and confident whilst still teaching Bubba right from wrong. I have no doubt that Bubba will grow up wanting to be just like his Daddy and worshiping the ground he walks on.

Today though, I thought about the man behind the Daddy. The man that I knew and fell in love with when we were 15. He is kind, caring, silly and funny. He is so hardworking and pushes himself professionally to make sure that he can provide the best possible life for me and Bubba. He works hard so that I only have to go back to work part time so I can spend the rest of my time raising our son the way that WE jointly agree. He also works so hard, when hes not actually at work, around the house to make it a beautiful, safe and comfy place for us to raise our family in. This man has been with through a difficult pregnancy, an interesting and emotionally draining induction and labour and was with me every step of the way when I brought our little boy into the world. He tolerates me when I'm being bitchy and moany at that time of month and he supports me in whatever I decide to do. When I started this blog I think he was a little unsure but listening to him speak about it to our friends today, I could hear the pride in his voice and that was something that made my heart flutter. He is now an avid supporter and reader of My Mummy Spam (when I remind him of the page address!!).

I think that sometimes I forget the man behind the Daddy. It doesn't mean I love him any less, just means that I love him differently. We try to go out on a date night just us 2 at least once a month and we haven't done this since Feb and I've really missed it. We have a couple of things coming up in May though were it will just be us two and I am so excited about going out as Ami & Hubby rather than Mummy & Daddy. Think this has also been a contributor to shadowing Hubby behind Daddy.

Point of this post is this...If you are a mummy then just stop every now again and look at your partner. Loom at them and try to see past that Daddy or Mummy and look for the person that you fell in love with. Look for them and remember all the things that make your heart flutter and just let them know. Just remind them that they are still Hubby/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend ect and let them know how you feel. If your reading this Hubby then thank you. Thank you for your support and for caring. Know that I appreciate everything you do for me and our little boy and know that I see you...I see you there behind that Daddy and I love what I see :)

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