What I learnt from pregnancy..

I didn't enjoy pregnancy. I was not one of those lucky women who bloomed and has a glow around them. Although I did have a glow, but that glow was sweat and I bloomed but that was from the swelling and HUGE bump I grew. For me, pregnancy was a means to an end and whilst it was certainly a worthwhile journey, it was not with out its hitches.

During the 38 weeks that I cooked my little bubba for something happened that I wasn't expecting. I learnt. I learnt that pregnancy was NOT what I was expecting and I also unexpectedly learnt a lot about myself.

1. My Body:
Before falling pregnant I was by no stretch of the imagination slim but I was happy. I felt confident enough to wear a bikini on holiday and would happily say that I felt attractive to my husband. When I fell pregnant I loved watching my belly grow. I loved my bump (even if it was huge) and was proud to show it off.

Although...saying this, I developed horrendous stretch marks. The worse part about this...I used Bio Oil religiously twice a day and it made no difference what so ever. When I was pregnant my stretch marks didn't bother me as I naively thought they would go away once bubba was here but I can safety say that even at almost 8 months postpartum...the stretch marks are still here. The stretch marks accompanied with the awful mummy apron that I still have are, for me, is the only remaining downside of pregnancy. To be fair I haven't tried hard to loose the apron but the appearance of my belly now as really effected my self confidence. I would never dream of wearing a bikini now purely because of my mummy tummy. I feel self conscious in front of my husband because of it even though he tells me that I am beautiful no matter what and that he finds me attractive. I am hoping this is something that will get better with time (and a whole load of exercise and getting back into shape) but for now, its just a negative side effect of the process that got me the best thing in the world. My bubba.

2. My attitude:
During pregnancy, I became quite an angry person. Not like violent angry but just quite quick tempered and easy to aggravate. Prior to January 2014 when I fell pregnant I was a very placid, non confrontational person. Now, I am the first to pipe up if someone without kids has parked in a child space or if someone cuts me up on the roads. My husband was always the hot headed one of the two of us and I was the peace keeper. He jokes that when I fell pregnant a bit of his hotheadedness went into bubba and when I gave birth, a little bit got left behind. I just think that sleep deprivation and being a busy mum just makes me less tolerant of idiots!

3. My Pain Threshold:
I'm not going to go into the ins and outs of my birth story here (although thinking of doing a post for that sometime, what do you think?) but I am so impressed by my pain threshold. I still remember how proud of myself I felt when even my mum commented on how shocked she was that I wasn't a huge diva during labor, which to be fair, even I thought I would be :) 

4. Boobs:
Boobs...if you have had a baby then you know what I am talking about, if you haven't then ignorance is bliss! :) I have always been quite large chested and I tell you what, people weren't lying when they said it was all DOWN hill after having a baby ;)

5. To cherish the pre baby times:
Looking back on my pregnancy I wish that my husband and I would have gone on more dates. For the last three months of my pregnancy I suffered with really bad SPD so it was difficult for me to get out and about very much as walking for more than about 2 mins left me feeling like a horse had kicked me in my lady garden but I wish we could have gone on more dates. Nothing major but just a few more cinema trips or meals out as even through we do a date night that is baby free once a month, I miss us just being Ami and Hubby, not Mummy and Daddy. Even now when we go on a date night, all we really do is talk about bubba and the newest thing he has learnt to do but I suppose that's life now. Even when I'm not with Bubba I'm still thinking about him. :)

Did you learn a lot in your pregnancy? Do you wish you did anything different?
Let me know!


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