Bubba's Birth Story Part 1...

Since starting this blog I have been toying with writing this. When I was pregnant and just after I had given birth, I kept a diary. I kept a manual diary about what was going on and how I felt as I just wanted to remember every little detail. So I thought why not share the most important part with the world on here? Also, I was induced and there seems to be a real fear around induction so I am hoping this will help others in my position.

Where to start...so, when I got to 35 weeks pregnant, I started to swell pretty bad. It was during a bloody hot August in 2014 so expected a little swelling but this was really bad. I remember only being able to wear a pair of pink flip flops and my Havanas and Hubby making me a washing up bowl full of ice water every night for me to soak my feet in. My nights would go dinner, sitting on the exercise ball, ice bowl, shower, bed (were I would always be awake from 2am til 5am so would watch Road Wars?!?!). Anyways, the weekly blood pressure checks I was having then turned into twice a week when I got to 37 weeks as BP would creeping up and on the 8th September I went in to be checked and after 3 readings was told I needed to go to the hospital so off I went thinking it would just be a quick visit...How very wrong I was...

So, I get to MatB1, just hooked up to a monitor, have my BP done and have my pee and blood sent away for testing. Hubby had bombed it back from work (which is a good hour and a half away) and turned up a little while later and as always in hospitals things were taking a while and we weren't really being told much. I remember the doctor finally coming round at about 4.30pm and Hubby actually snapping at her and the doctor then telling him off :) She basically told us that they had found a trace of protein in my urine but the bloods would confirm and they wouldn't be back until tomorrow so for tonight I was staying in so they could monitor me. So come 9pm, I was put in a little private side room (which was actually quite nice) and Hubby and my Mum left and that was that.

7am the next day (bit bloody early if you ask me) I was turfed out of my nice private room and sent round to another ward on MatB1 that was totally empty to sit and wait. At around 8am (literally minutes before Hubby turned up) a consultant came round with a midwife and he told me that it was the early stages of pre-eclapsia and that they were going to induce me. Then with that, I experienced my first stretch and sweep! To be fair, it was no where near as bad as I was expecting. It wasn't painful but then again it wasn't particularly nice. After that...the walking began. Me and Hubby must have walked around that hospital at least 50 times before we left!!!

So then the following happened (all whilst I was saying in the hospital on the intensive care ward which was nice as well. They kept me in as I was on a certain tablet to monitor my BP and they had to do 4 hourly obs to keep checking the BP):

Tuesday 9th Sep: Told I was going to be induced the next day, had a sweep and was told cervix closed and really far back and started to do LOT'S and LOT'S of walking!!!
Wednesday 10th Sep: Another sweep (this one more uncomfortable but thing this was because the midwife was a little more 'aggressive' in want of a better word) and then had the first pessary put in (like a weird tampon thing?!). This didn't give me any tightening's or anything. I felt totally normal.
Thursday 11th Sep:  Cervix had moved a little but was still pretty closed. Doctor could even get a finger tip in (maybe tmi) so they did the second pessary. The consultant said they might let me home for the day as I was starting to go a bit stir crazy having not washed my hair in over 4 days but they later changed their mind and said no :(
Friday 12th Sep: Rest day. I say rest day but it was probably, for me, the most emotional day I had. They had to give my body a rest from the hormones for the day so couldn't do anything and they said that nothing had changed since Thursday. It was this day that I ended up in tears begging the consultant to let me go home for just a couple of hours as we live literally 10 mins away from the hospital and I was just desperate to re pack my bags and was my hair! I remember the consultant saying to my Hubby 'Do you have a ferrier?' and hubby saying 'If it gets her home then yes I do' and to that he let us go for 3 hours!!! It was amazing! I had a shower, washed and dried my hair and even had fish and chips!! It was honestly amazing and I felt like a different woman afterwards.
Saturday 13th Sep: That was when it got interesting... :)
I have to add that the whole way through all of this Hubby was right by my side. His work and the hospital staff were brilliant and he was able to be with me at the hospital from 8am until 9pm which was so lovely. To be honest it was probably the most time we had spent together in a long time and it was nice to have that before we became a family of three. We spent the majority of our time when we weren't walking playing Marvel top trumps, doing word searches and Sudoku :) as horrible as it was being away of a night time, it was lovely to spend that time with him.

Now, as this post is ridiculous long, I will go into the rest of it in another post :)
so...until next time...

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