Bubba's Birth Story Part 2...

So, last time I wrote about this, I explained how I had been admitted to hospital and I finished the post on the Saturday...this is where it got interesting..

So, Saturday the 13th September I woke up and was checked over again. Once again, no real change just that my cervix was a little softer and had moved slightly so the midwife gave me the first 'gel' (not a very nice sensation!!) and off I went walking again. I started to get what I thought was contractions as my belly kept going rock hard and it was quite uncomfortable (I later found out that these were just tightenings and the contractions were on a whole different level!) but it all wore off at around lunch time. I was devastated and kept breaking down into tears of frustration and exhaustion! Once again, I was checked was surprised to be told...1 cm dilated!! Now, this may sound like nothing to you but to someone who has been trying to bring on their labour for almost a week, it was amazing!!! I then got given the second gel and that was where the fun really began!!

Once it had been given a chance to settle (gross I know) we then went off walking again. This was at about 6pm and I vividly remember going to the loo in one of the hospital toilets, washing my hands afterwards and whilst I was drying them, feeling like I had just wet myself. Hubby suggested we got back up to the maternity ward and when we got there the midwife confirmed that yes it was my waters!!!!! HORAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Something was finally happening. I wasn't cheering for long though as this was when the contractions started. I managed okay just bouncing on a ball and breathing through them whenever they happened to start with. Hubby had to leave at 12.30am as the midwife couldn't stretch him staying anymore (he was meant to leave at 9) and as I wasn't in established labour he had to go home. The ward was totally empty apart from me which was probably a good thing because after trying to sleep intermittently for a while, at 1.45am I had a HUGE lot of water go. The contractions then became very painful and I remember bouncing on the ball and leaning over the bed and suddenly calling to the midwife 'I'm going to be sick' and she managed to drive under me with a bowl just in time! It was at this point that I started asking them for pain relief and begging them to call Hubby. The midwife popped out to see if there was room and then we were off to the delivery suite!

I literally just had enough time to get my stuff together and get into the other room before hubby turned up and I remember the midwives being shocked at how quick he had got there!

Now, from about 3am until 7am it is all a bit of a blur. I remember losing more and more water (it just didn't stop!!), lot's of contractions and LOT'S of gas and air!!! God, I bloody love that stuff :) I also remember at one point, a really lovely midwife coming in and sitting with me for 15 mins so Hubby could go and make all the phone calls ect. God knows what I was speaking to her about!!!

Come 7am, the consultant came in just just my Mum had turned up (she was also with us for Bubbas birth). I was full of hope that he would check me and say 'yep..your doing great...your at 5 cms' or something along those lines. Instead I got told I was at 1cm! They told me they were going to hook me up to the oxytocin drip and that he recommended a epidural as it can make labour more painful. I didn't need very long to think about this and said yes pretty much straight away. So, by 8am, I was hooked up to the drip, epidural in, ready to wait for this baby to come and what a wait it was...They came in to check me every few hours and it went like so:
8am: 2cm
12pm: 2cm
4pm: 2cm
It was awful. There wasn't any pain up until this point as I had the epidural but it was just emotionally draining. Bubba was doing fine and he was being constantly monitored but it was just like waiting for Christmas to come and it never actually coming. By the time it got to about 4.30pm the epidural had started to wear off on one side and the pain was awful. Luckily, the midwife we had stayed with me the whole time and she was able to up the epidural for me so I could try to get some sleep.

At 6pm a lady consultant came in and checked me again. I was still at 2 cm. Now, this part was the worst part for me as I was given a choice. I was told that I could either wait for another 4 more hours to see if I would get to 4cm and if that didn't happen then it would be a C-section OR I could go straight off now and have a C-section. Everyone left Hubby, Mum and I in the room so we could talk about it. I was so upset and just couldn't stop crying. As much as I didn't want to have a ceasarean, I didn't see how I was going to get to 4 cm in 4 hours if I hadn't moved from 2 cm all day. Mum and Hubby said it was my decision but I remember them saying that I had gone this far, what was 4 more hours going to hurt? So I decided to stick at it and in hindsight I am so glad I did! :)

At 10pm, the same consultant that had seen me at 7am was back on shift and he came in to check me. I remember him sitting at the end of the bed doing his 'thing' and I was almost screaming at him 'HOW MANY CMS AM I???' whilst he was just nodding away. It felt like an eternity until he finally said 'Right, your at 8cm'. The whole room erupted in a cheer and I just felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of me! I can't even begin to explain to you how happy I was that things were now moving and that our little boy was on his way :)

Come 11pm I was saying to Hubby that I could feel loads of pressure down below..I even remember saying to him 'Have a look...can you see the head?!?!' :) I will add that even thou I had the epidural I was still cuffing away at the gas and air come this point! Finally at about 11.30pm my midwife agreed to check me even though she said that she didn't think it would be time yet so even she was shocked when she said I was at 10cm and that it was time to start pushing. I didn't know at the time but apparently whilst this was happening a consultant who we had seen earlier in the day had called the ward to see how my caeserean had gone as he was so sure that was how it was going to end up. I also found afterwards that at this point my midwife turned round to my Mum and Hubby and said that it would probably be a good couple of hour of pushing because of the epidural and the fact that Bubba still had to move right down. Well....I proved her wrong :)

25 minutes of pushing and a very small episiotomy later (with my Mum almost fainting!!)...Bubba was born!!! He just about got into the 14th September 2015, being born at 11.55pm, weighing 8lbs!!

It was the most surreal, exhausting, emotional and memorable week of my life and as hard as it was, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat as it brought us our family.

So, that's that. Bubba's birth story! Sorry its so long and if you have made it to hear then I am really impressed!!
Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

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