Enjoying the everyday...

The other day I had a very normal day but it was during that normal day that I realised that I live for these days!! After being poorly earlier in the week and not being with Bubba for a day, I really soaked him up on Thursday.
We started the day with a spot of breakfast and once Bubba was finished actually eating he decided that he wanted to play with his bowl. The result had me in stitches!!
 The older this little boy gets, the more his personality is coming out and I am loving every second of it!

Bubba then had a lovely long nap whilst I got myself ready for our play date at lunch time. We went to The Mega Centre in Rayleigh (Essex) with my friend and her bubba. The Mega Centre have a wonderful sensory room which they hold sessions in for babies, children and children and adults with disabilities. They have an amazing interactive mat which has things like bugs that crawl all over it that you can squish or cars and trains that you can stop. Bubba loves this mat and it makes me smile so much watching him trying to catch the bugs on the floor! We then went down to the other end of the room which has lots of light tubes and different sensory toys. Bubba spent the majority of his time playing with a green ball which had little lumps all over it and he would hold the ball on his lap, start kicking his legs so it came to me and then wait for me to throw it back to him so he could start all over again. The session was for just under an hour and because it has limited spaces it means that it doesn't get too overcrowded and you haven't got older children running around causing havoc (like some places we have been to before!!. Overall, its a lovely little sensory place that we tend to go to once every two weeks. It's clean with great staff and really good facilities. If you love round the area and have a little one I would defiantly recommend checking it out!

 It was when we was playing together in the sensory room that I realised that I want to cherish these moments. From our silly breakfast times to our trips out, I want to soak up every moment and just appreciate it. There will be a time were Bubba won't be a Bubba anymore and he won't want to spend time with me. He will want to be out with his friends or (dread the thought) girlfriend not hanging around with his uncool Mum.

So for now, whilst I still can, I will just enjoy the everyday :)


Note: This post was not endorsed or sponsored in any way, shape or form by the Mega Centre Rayleigh. I just genuinely love it there and wanted to share :)

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