Exciting news from me and Aldi Mamia!!!

I'm just going to lay this out there from the start....I'm excited! Like really really excited!!
A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Aldi and they invited me to The Baby Show in Birmingham on the 16th May AND said they would love to send me a hamper of Mamai goodies for Bubba, was that okay? Ermmmmm.....OF COURSE!!!

Anyone who knows me in real life (is this blogging stuff real life? Maybe cover that another day!) knows that I LOVE Aldi's baby range. Bubba wears their nappies everyday and I love their sensitive baby wipes so I jumped at the opportunity to try some more of their products. 

A couple of days ago a MASSIVE box was delivered by a rather annoyed looking postman and me and Bubba could wait to dive in (see pics!). Inside was the following goodies: 
Note: I have included the retail price for reference to show how bloody reasonable their stuff is!! These prices are correct as of the 13/05/2015 on the Aldi website. 
  • A 48 pack of Mamia Ultra Dry Nappies - £4.09 - 8.5p per nappy
  • A 20 pack of the Mamia Easy-Pants - £2.99 - 15p per pant
  • 2 packets of Mamia Baby wipes - one fragrance, one sensitive - 59p per packet - 0.9p per wipe.
  • A bottle of the Mamia Baby Bath and Baby Shampoo - 79p for 500ml bottle
  • A bag of their new Junior Mini Rice Cakes apple flavor - 59p for 40g bag
  • A bottle of Mamia Baby Juice - couldn't find a price
  • 3 pouches of food including Apple & Strawberries, Apples & Bananas and Apples, Carrots & Parsnips - 59p per pouch (120gs)

Aldi's Mamia nappies for me are a total no brainier! They are brilliant and we never have wet leaks out of them. They easily last for 5 hours, but I am yet to test them through the night. The price is fantastic as well!! The amount of nappies that Bubba goes through on a average day would cost me a bomb in other leading brands so to me, this are just perfect. I also love the sensitive wipes. They come with a hard flip top which to me is so useful as I hate having to faff around trying to keep the little wrapper thing open on some wipes whilst trying to tackle a 'poonami!!' and they do not break apart like other wipes we have used. The biggest plus for me with both of these items, aside from the price, is the fact that they are so kind of Bubba's bum, He has quite sensitive skin and other brands of wipes and nappies I have used before have brought him up in awful rashes. I have never had any problem with these causing him a rash at all!

We used the bubble bath last night and to be totally honest I was a little worried as even though the bottle said it was gentle and paediatrician approved, I was worried that it could bring Bubba up in a rash. I was shocked when it didn't! It has a nice powdery baby smell (if thats such a thing) to it and made lots of bubbles with only a little bit used. The only downside with this is that the bubbles didn't last too long in the bath but for 79p I'm not sure I would be too bothered about that!

With the food items, we are yet to try a lot of it as I am saving it for when we go up to the baby show as we may find it difficult to heat up home cooked and then frozen stuff that he normally has. He has had the baby juice before when I was desperately trying to get him to drink something other than milk and he likes it. It's not too strong of a blackcurrant taste and its ready to drink so we are saving the bottle that we were sent to take with us at the weekend. Bubba did have the rice cakes last night though after he had eaten his dinner and my goodness...he couldn't get enough! They melt really well in their months but they are sturdy enough for Bubba to hold them and chop on. I tasted one (as I tend to taste everything Bubba has) and the apple flavor was really nice. It wasn't too sharp but also not hugely sweet. It was just right! I haven't brought these for Bubba before but will defiantly be repurchasing. Only thing that would make them even better is a multi pack with little bags you can take on the go...Aldi..take note :)

Overall, the hamper was brilliant!! I will be doing a post once we have been to the Baby Show about the show and the overnight stay (we are saying away at a Travelodge for the very first time with Bubba!! Send me happy thoughts!!!!) and will let you know how we get on with the food pouches.

Oh...and did I mention... WE ARE GOING TO THE BABY SHOW!! :) As you can tell, I'm a little excited!! I have never actually been to a baby show before and that fact that Aldi have invited us is so so so exciting! I am really looking forward to seeing their stall and visiting Tommee Tippee, Chilli Peeps and Cuddle Dry. I've told Hubby he better bring his wallet :) 

A huge thanks to Aldi for sending us this brilliant hamper and for inviting us to the Baby Show in Birmingham! Look forward to posting at the start of next week tell you all about it!!
Ooooo...and last thing...if your going on the Saturday then tweet me and let me know! Would love to say hi!!!


Note: we were sent this items from Aldi (if you couldn't tell already) to review free of charge. They are also sponsoring me to attend the baby show but rest assured that ALL opinions and views expressed on this blog are honest and my own and I would not endorse a product that I did not truly believe in. 

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