I wish...

I wish...

..that I understood exactly what you want and need rather than having to play guess what it is.

..I knew what hurts when you cry in that certain why so that I can help to make it all better.

..you could tell me what you wanted for dinner rather than trying 3 different things and then throwing them all out because you will only settle for a bread stick and a chocolate pudding.

..I knew if you actually do love that huge Pluto that Daddy brought you in your cot or if you hate it
and when we think your giving it cuddles, you are actually trying to wrestle it to the death!

..I could understand what your saying when we have our intense, serious babbling conversations.

..you could just say 'Mummy, I am tired, I need to go to sleep' rather than me have to guess and then you fight it for ages.

..I knew if your high pitch screams are of excitement at the world or sheer frustration that you can't walk around to see it all yet.

..I could tell if they are proper kisses you are giving me because you love me or just face sucks because its your 'new thing'.

..I enjoyed 5.30 AM as much as you seem to!

..I knew what you actually think about your little bunch of baby friends and what you are talking about when you sit and babble together and play.

..I could understand what is so funny about Daddy singing 'The Grand Old Duke of York' and about me singing 'Row Row' as you seem to find them hilarious!

..most of all..I wish that I could slow down time a little bit. Your almost 8 months old now and soon I won't be pondering the answer to all of these questions because you will be able to tell me. You won't be my little Bubba anymore, you will be my cheeky, energetic, running, walking and talking Bubba.
So for now, I will wish I knew these things whilst secretly cherishing the mystery of it all.

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