I'm a bad blogger...

I'm a bad blogger....well at least that is what I have felt like for the past week.

Bubba was really poorly with an ear infection and cold so the past week has flown by in a snot, tear and poop covered blur! All Bubba seemed to want was me...either to cuddle, cry at, use as a snot rag or to thrown food at. It felt like a really stressful week as I was just exhausted and the worst part was that it wasn't even Bubbas fault. He couldn't help being poorly and ratty all week. I felt so awful that I couldn't do more to help him and I just found the whole week really tough.

My Mummy Spam just fell totally to the wayside as if I wasn't being Mummy, I was being wife and sorting dinner, washing, ironing, cleaning ect and if I wasn't doing that then I was either on the sofa feeling too zombified to move or attempting to get some sleep. I felt like such an awful blogger and felt so dishearten when I looked at my stats to see my views falling and my followers stalling. When I was looking at my twitter feed wondering what to write during a rare moment of peace I could see all of my fellow bloggers blogging away and tweeting linky's ect it suddenly dawned on me..

Why am I worried about loosing viewers? 
Why am I bothered that the twitter followers are stalling? 
Why am I feeling bad for not posting anything on my Facebook page all day? 
Why am I so worried that I haven't written a blog post in 2 days???

The answer to all of them is that I shouldn't be! I started this blog for me. A place for me to write my thoughts & to vent, to share my experiences and stories to maybe help others and record my memories so hopefully, one day, I can look back on all of this and remember all of the good and bad parts of motherhood. I shouldn't feel bad about not posting. I was busy being Mummy to my gorgeous little boy who was poorly and needed me. That was all that matter. Without him there would be no blog. He is the reason I do it and he needed me so it was 'Bye Bye' blog for a while and hello to my sons every whim. With that realisation, I stopped panicking and stressing about not blogging and came to the conclusion...
I am not a bad blogger. I am a good (well...okayish) blogger who was taking a quick break to focus 100% on the one thing than matters more than any views, tweet or blog.

My Bubba! :)

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