Learning to love my Mummy Body.

When I fell pregnant I knew my body would change. I was prepared for my belly to grow to house my little bundle of joy, I expected my boobs to get even bigger in preparation for all the milk I would soon be producing and I even was prepared for the weak bladder that I knew was going to come after giving birth. What I wasn't expecting, however, was the stretch marks that looked angry and deep
whilst I was pregnant, the feet that swelled and never seemed to go back to normal and the boobs that now, after the milk being long gone, look like 2 saggy old sponges when not being supported in an industrial wired and padded bra! I really wasn't prepared for any of this and it has taken me a good long while to become accustomed to my new Mummy body.

Now, don'g get me wrong, I have never been skinny. I wouldn't even class myself as ever being slim. I have always been quite curvy with hips, a bit of a bum and quite a large bust and I can honestly say I was happy. I would happily wear a bikini on the beach and felt confident in the majority of the clothes that I wore. 

When I fell pregnant and started to get a bump I did everything in my power to stop stretch marks. I used every single lotion and potion on the market in an attempt to avoid them but it just did not work. My bump was covered in deep, purple, angry looking stretch marks and I hated them! I hated them to the point that I was going to have a bump photo shoot done but I canceled it as I couldn't stand the look of my bump in it's purple, stripy nakedness. I took solace in the thought that once Bubba was here, things would go back to normal and the marks would fade. I believed that I would look like those glossy, beautiful, glowing women you see in TV adverts and in the celeb magazines. It wouldn't happen straight away but it would happen eventually. Well...almost 9 months later..I am still waiting for things to go back to normal.

I am not moaning here as I appreciate that I am lucky to have gone through pregnancy and the reason all of this has happened is because I have grown my little bambino and I would do it all again in a heartbeat as he was worth it. It is just hard to learn to love a body that seems so alien to me. I have been left with a saggy, stripy looking, bumpy belly which almost hangs down in a flap. I now have boobs which I am scared to let out of bra as they almost fall under my armpits and I have feet that seem to have grown at least half a size so therefore fit none of my pre pregnancy shoes! 

I struggled for a long time to feel comfortable in my own skin. Yes I could do with loosing some weight and yes it's not going to happen if I don't get my butt moving but for the first time in my life I felt unattractive and felt embarrassed about my body in front of hubby. This was totally new ground to me and if I am honest, I found it really hard to deal with. The pictures I had seen in the media were a lie and unrealistic. I felt deflated, ugly, unattractive and in a bit of a hole to be honest.

Luckily, I have a very loving, caring and supportive husband who has helped to me learn to love my new body and feel beautiful again. I also have a great support group of Mummy friends who are all in
the same boat, but what about those women who don't? Is the medias perception of what us Mummys should look life after birth healthy? Is it realistic? Is it fair??

In my opinion, no. Learning to love my brand new Mummy body has been a long and very interesting journey but after a lot of conversations with friends, hubby and even other mummy bloggers, I have come to accept myself. I grew a human in my belly for god sake!! I spend my time playing with Bubba or with Hubby and friends enjoying life rather than counting my calories or stressing about how I look in my jeans and I'm okay with that. I am proud of my stretch marks and saggy boobies! They are my battle scars and I worked bloody hard to get them!

So...Mummy's out there..be proud of your body's..be them petite, tall, short, large, survey, lumpy and bumpy!
I am health, happy and learning to love my Mummy body :)

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