Me: 1 Dribble: 0 - Funky Giraffe bib review

A couple of weeks ago we were very kindly sent 3 dribble bibs from a company called Funky Giraffe (totally love the name) and I was hoping that they would be the answer to my dribble based prays and I can honestly say that they are!

Just a bit of back ground first..Bubba is a total dribble bag! He is pretty much constantly dribbling and then to make matters worse he loves nothing more than to blow raspberries with all that dribble. When he sits and chews on a toy it's like a tap has been turned on..he was chewing on Sophie the other day and I had to hold it as we were out and I seriously had dribble running down to my elbow!!! And as all you Mummas out there know, dribbley baby = soaking wet tops which then can either mean uncomfortable baby and/or as in Bubba's case, dribble burn!! Bubba has an array of dribble bibs but they all would be soaked through within 20 minutes of him wearing them so anything that could last longer was very welcomed.

Enter the Funky Giraffe... This company was created by "mumpreturner" Yasmin Dury whilst she was on maternity leave from a fashion company. She wanted to create a range that was practical yet funky whilst being safe for the environment and baby (the bibs are certified by OEKO-TEC and use water based dyes instead of any hazardous ones) AND still keeping the price reasonable. This is without a doubt what she has achieved. The range includes bibs, socks, scratch mits, burp cloths and hats and the price (in my opinion) is brilliant for the quality..more below..

We were sent three bibs and I'm first thought when I opened them was how incredibly soft they were! They almost feel like satin on the top and I instantly loved this as it went if it was rubbing on bubbas face or neck whilst he was wearing it, it would cause no irritation (I later clocked on that they are so soft because they are 100% cotton). The second thing that hit me was the beautiful designs! We were sent the beach blue surfing bandana, the blue and red car racing bandana and the blue seahorse bandana and they just look darn cute!!!

Now onto the best bit about these bibs... The dribble protection. The first time Bubba wore one of these was when we went to our play group that we go to ever week. He normally sits and chews everything or blows raspberries for the full 2 hours so you can imagine the level of dribble. I put the bib on him and as time when on I could see a wet patch forming on the bin and thought "oh well..another bites the dust" but I shouldn't have been so pessimistic as the amazing part came when I took the bin of at the end of the session. The back of it was BONE DRY! Seriously, not one bit of dribble had soaked through that bib and Bubbas top was dry too. I couldn't believe it. After that moment, I was converted. I now don't see the point of putting any other kind of dribble bib on him as I know these will protect his clothes and chest. If you have a dribbley baby then I cannot recommend these bibs enough! They are excellent.

 Priced at between £2-£4 depending on style I really don't think you can go wrong. I just wish I had found them sooner rather than wasted my money on dribble bibs that don't actually work. We will be seeing them at the baby show in Birmingham tomorrow and I can assure you that I will be purchasing more!

To make your order (with free postage and packaging I might add!!) or to see their range go to www.funkygiraffebibs.co.uk

Note: these bibs were sent to us free of charge to review but all opinions and views expressed in this post are all honest and my own. 

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