Not just your average Balloon... Bubabloon review

When I first saw this product I will admit that I was skeptical. A balloon cover in fabric to me just seemed like a really light ball....well ladies and gentlemen...I swallow my words!
This toy is amazing! I love it, Bubba loves it and even Hubby loves it and here's why...

The Bubabloon is described as a multi-sensory fabric balloon cover that keeps the light, floaty, bouncy effect of a balloon but helps protect children from popping it and the threat of choking. It basically turns a bog standard balloon that would normally last 1 day if your lucky, into a reusable, portable toy that can last for ages! It was created my 'mumpreneurs' Elena Torres and Lorna Edwards so its no surprise that it ticks all of the boxes for what I look for in a toy:

  • It's safe! There is not one bit of this toy that I think could harm Bubba. I can quite happily leave him playing with it whilst I am in another room and feel safe in the knowledge that he can't hurt himself.
  • It's portable! I can't tell you how many times I have had tears because we haven't been able to take a certain toy out with us because its either too big or too noisy or just too difficult to take in the car. The Bubabloon fits into a tiny little drawn string bag (see picture at bottom) and can be inflated when you get to where you are going.
  • It's seriously entertaining! Not only does Bubba love sitting and playing with this (he loves to hold it then wiggle his legs to kick it away!) but me and Hubby loved it to. Remember that game you used to play when you were little when your balloon couldn't touch the floor?? Well, we may have played that for a lot long than we really should have a couple of weekend ago :)
  • It looks cute. Such a silly thing but it looks really cute. I'm not sure if I would say it was multi-sensory but we got the toadstool design and it is such a cute fabric. They do a range of different styles and colours as well which is great as you or your child can pick your own style.  

  • It is machine washable. Not something I ever thought I would look for in a toy but when you have a Bubba that is either constantly dribbling or covered in some kind of food substance you will know what I mean!

Overall, this is such a simple idea but it is executed so well! It has given us hours of fun as a family and for Bubba when he's playing on his own.

The Bubabloon is available exclusively on their website at www.bubabloon.co.uk for £10.99 with worldwide delivery options available.
You can also visit Bubabloon at their facebook page here or say 'Hi' to them on twitter @bubabloon

Note: We were sent this product free of charge to review but all opinions are honest and my own. 

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