'PLAY' By Dr Amanda Gummer book review

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted and ask if I would review a brand new book that is coming out called 'Play' by Dr Amanda Gummer. I'm really not normally one for Baby & child books (see my blog post Pregnancy & Child books...help or hindrance??) but I have to say that this one did speak to me and was actually quite enjoyable and interesting to read.

The blurb on the back says the following:

'Forget expensive and competitive classes, PLAY has everything you need to stimulate your child's mental, social, physical and emotional development. Following their astonishing progress through each major milestone, you'll find out how to:
  • Choose the best toys and games to enhance development at every stage
  • Promote confidence, communication and bonding through laughter
  • Reduce tantrums, sibling rivalry and fussiness - all through play
Packed full of activities and expert insights, and with specific advice on children with additional needs, PLAY is your essential guide to playful, pressure-free support in the crucial first five years. '

I must admit, I didn't read all of the book. I read the chapters 'Fun with Food (6-12 months)' and 'on the move (12-18 months)' as well as some little snippets from a couple of other chapters and what I
loved about this book was the fact that it wasn't telling you what your child should be doing and when they should be doing it..in fact it was quite the opposite. For example, during one part of the book it mentions teething and it says '..the most common age for them to cut their first tooth is around now [6-12 months] (although it is not uncommon for children to have their first tooth close to 24 months)'. I LOVED the fact that Dr Gummer almost reassures the reader by making sure that all areas are covered and not making you panic that your child is under developed if they haven't reached a certain milestone. Bubba doesn't have any teeth yet at almost 8 months and is showing no signs of getting any soon so I love that she speaks about late teethers. 

Another part of this book that I found I loved is that it has spaces for you to fill out bits about your baby in relation to the different activities. I love that you can fill it in, keep it and then always refer back to it in the future. 

Aside from the way the book is written and the interactive side, it is filled with insightful and interesting games to play with babies and children to help them develop at different stages. It mentions at one point about giving a child that is Bubbas age an activity table with everyday things on such as baby wipe packet, baby friendly cutlery, small saucepan ect to help entertain a baby that is constantly trying to be on the move (like my Bubba). Not only does Dr Gummer talk about games and ideas to help entertain and educate babies and children, she also explains why each game/idea is beneficial and what it is helping the child to learn. I really liked this as it meant I could see Bubba actually learning from our play times rather than just mindlessly chewing or bashing things!

Overall, I really liked this book and would even go as far to say that it is probably the best baby/child book I have come across so far!

Play by Dr Amanda Gummer is available to pre-order from Amazon now and will be published on the 7th May 2015. This book is retailing at £10.66 for the paperback version and £7.99 for kindle. 

This book was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions in this post are honest and my own. 

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