Silent Re-flux and Us.

When Bubba was about 2 weeks old we started to see a change in him. He went from being our contented, sleepy little newborn to being agitated, screaming whilst being fed, taking around 30 mins to drink a bottle, grunting A LOT and getting hiccups A LOT! I know that these may just sound like normal newborn things to you but my Mummy instinct was telling me that something wasn't right.

To start with, I was told it was colic and I agreed and thought it was too. I tried infacol, baby massage, colif..basically anything and after 2 weeks, nothing was working. It got to the point where one night Bubba screamed for 2 hours straight. He wouldn't feed (he loves his milk), would sleep and just generally wouldn't be comforted by anything! As a brand new Mummy I was so worried that there was something wrong with my baby. That night we went to the out of hours doctors at the hospital and I remember that appointment like it was yesterday. I remember telling the doctor what was going on and he just looked at me like I was a total idiot and said that it was colic and to basically go home and deal with it. We got in the car and I just burst into tears out of total desperation that I knew there was something more wrong with my baby.

That night, I hit google hard. I came across a website (thesleeplady) that described Bubba perfectly...
  1. Very unsettled feeder, often from birth,bobs on and of breast or bottle. Squirmy and crying out while feeding. May feed for short burst then bob of teat or breast, reluctant to return to feeding.
  2. Feeding constantly, very little gaps between feeds.
  3. Rapid weight gain due to constant feeding.
  4. Lots of comments on how alert they are and what great head control your child has.
  5. Farting more than burping as often very difficult to wind.
  6. Prefers to sleep on you than to lie in crib, changing mat etc, screaming each time you try to lie them down.
  7. Gurgling, rumbling sounds coming from tummy, often just as you start to feed or when you pick up in the middle of the night.
  8. Explosive strong smelling nappies.
  9. You child looks like they are frowning and have a serious little face!
  10. Sneezing or hiccupping a lot!
The more I sat and looked at this list, the more I could relate it to Bubba. He was never sick (and I mean NEVER), had the most explosive nappies I had ever seen, was a proper little chubster (weighed 12lbs at 7 weeks) and had brilliant head control. He had silent reflux. I was sure of it!
Armed with my new found knowledge, off I went to see the HV and explained it all to her. She agreed with me (and I nearly fainted) and suggested that we try an anti reflux milk and if that didn't work to go our GP. Fast forward 45 mins later and I'm at home feeding Bubba a bottle of anti reflux milk and it was amazing! He was like a different baby. No screaming or crying or writhing around in my arms. He was happy, content and enjoying his milk again. Don't get me wrong, it did take a while to totally settle down and we had to get wider teats, tried some medicine at one point as it was really playing him up but once we knew what the problem was, we could tackle it.

Once Bubba had been diagnosed with this I did a little more research (with trusty google) to gain a bit more of an understanding. It seemed like silent reflux was called so because it didn't show any obvious symptoms. With reflux, a baby is normally violent sick a lot of the time so you can see they are suffering. They tend to loose weight as well where as silent reflux is the total opposite. It is where the milk is coming back up the oesophagus but not up enough for them to vomit so therefore no obvious symptoms.

What I am getting to with this is that you really feel that your baby hasn't got colic and that its something more then stick to your gun and keep going back to HV's, GP's whoever!! I was told by 3 different doctors that Bubba had colic (pretty sure Hubby would have knocked the last one out if it wasn't for the fact he was holding Bubba) and I was made to feel like a nurotic mother who just had an anxiety problem but I WAS RIGHT.

Silent Reflux is such an under diagnosed problem and when I have researched more since realising Bubba had it, it seems to be because it is not very widely understood by the medical profession. If you thing your Bubba is suffering with this then please go to your GP or HV armed with this information and rest assured that THERE IS HELP OUT THERE :)

If you think you Baby could be suffering from silent reflux you can find support on the following websites: (you can also tweet me but I am no expert..Just a Mumma who muddled along and found something that helped Bubba)




This post is not associated or supported by any of the above links. I am also not a medical professional and am not giving medical advice, just sharing my experiences, so always seek medical advice before changing your baby's milk onto anti reflux milk or if you believe your baby is unwell. 

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