The Baby Show Birmingham 2015 with Aldi Mamia.

This weekend I was lucky enough to get to go to The Baby Show in Birmingham with Aldi's Mamia range. As I posted earlier in the week they also very kindly sent me a hamper of FAB Aldi Mamia goodies (check the post out here) and on Saturday, I actually got to thank them in person for such a great opportunity. Not only that, I also got to check out a load of other brands and products that I had been so excited to see!

My first stop at the show was obviously over to Aldi, who had the most wonderful nappy cakes up for grabs! They had all of their Mamia and baby related products out as well but to be honest, as I am an everyday user of their stuff I didn't really look at it too much. I was, however, really impressed
with their amazing magician how turned my awful picture of a rice cake into one of Aldi actual, very yummy and very real apple rice cakes!!! It was all a bit too much for Bubba though who was snoozing away through all of this!!

We then spent a large chunk of the day just browsing around all of the different stalls and my goodness was there a lot to browse. I think that where Bubba is a little older, we were able to bypass some of the retailers who were selling bottles, prams and nursery furniture as we already have all this stuff. In saying this though, if your pregnant, or have a new baby then this would have been fab as it seemed like there were some brilliant deals to be had. We did stop off a few times and look at different car seats as we are now looking at moving Bubba into the next stage one but my favorite  part of the day was definitely seeing all of the smaller, individual retailers.

We brought items from the following brands as we thought their products were genuinely useful/clever/innovative:

This company was created by Jon Rathbone and his wife Lucy, with their inspiration coming to them when they were potty training their children. They created a range of good quality, useful potty training aids such a a potty with a spout like dip on the side to avoid any yukky drips when pouring away and the Flex-fit toilet trainer, which is the product we brought. I know Bubba has a long way to go until we are potty training him but I loved this product so much that I didn't want to risk not being able to find one in a couple of years times. Its a trainer seat with a little device underneath it which makes the seat with snug to your toilet set. It is also designed as not to be to high and not to have to big of a dip so that children can sit as comfortably as possible to aid the potty training journey.
To see their full range then go to their website here

Tidy Tot:
I had seen a bit about this before we went to the show and I was really excited about meeting them and seeing the product in action. Tidy tot is bib and tray that attach together and sucker onto your highchair tray or table to stop Bubba's from throwing their food all over the place whilst weaning. Hubby loves this product as it as can be used for messy play to protect surfaces and clothes whilst painting, sticking ect. Visit Tidy tot on Twitter @tidy_tot to find out more.

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! Before we had even got to the baby show I had said to Hubby that I was going to be purchasing from these guys. Chillipeeps was created by frustrated Mummy Claire when she was out with a hungry baby, a ready made bottle of milk and NO bottle to feed him with! In that moment, Chillipeeps was born. It is basically a reusable, portable teet or spout, depending on what you want, that can fit ready made milk bottles and cartons and also fit some water bottles. I love these because I am such a 'just in case person' and always have to be prepared for everything so this suits my changing bag perfectly! Visit Chillipeeps website here or say hi to them on twitter @chillipeeps

Funky Giraffe Bibs:
I've already gushed about these guys and their bibs over on my review 'Me 1 - Dribble 0' but I will just reiterate that I love these bibs! They are brilliant!!

We also spent some time with Tommee Tippee for the launch of their new cup range, went and saw the Cuddle dry people and of course, we had to check in with our good friend Ewan the dream sheep at his stall!

Overall, it was such a fantastic day and I think all three of us were totally shattered at the end of it! One of us more so as you can see by the picture :)
Once again, a huge massive thank you to Aldi for inviting us to come and I can't wait to get all of our new goodies put to use!! :)

Did you go to the baby show or have you been before?
What did you think of it?

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