The A to Z of me.

The wonderful Lucy from bottlefor2 tagged me in the A to Z of me post as I'm a newbie to the blogging world so she thought it would be nice to learn a little more about me. But...as nice as it is that she thought of me...I really don't know if I can think of 26 things about me but lets give it a shot!!

A is for Ami.
That's me. Ami. If I was a boy, my Mum said I was going to be called Ben. To be honest, I'm pretty happy I was a girl (no offence to any Ben's out there!).

B is for Bubba.
The light of my life. This little boy has been in my life for 8 months and I honest love him more than life itself!!

C is for Cuddles.
One of my favorite things to get from hubby or Bubba. In my opinion, a good cuddle always makes everything better.

D is for Dad.
There is a phrase which I first heard many years ago and it says 'Anyone can be a father but it takes some one special to be a Dad'. This is so true and I have seen that so much clearer since having Bubba. Both my Dad and Hubby are amazing Daddy's and I am so glad to have both of them in mine and Bubba's life!

E is for Ever after (of the Happily Kind).
I am a total romance sucker. Probably caused by watching one too many Disney films throughout my life but I like to think the everyone has their happily ever after, they just have to find it and work to keep it :)

F is for Friends.
Not the TV show (although I do love that show) but for my friends. I have a few friends that I class as true friends, who have been there for me through thick and thin and then I my new friends, as I call them. The 'new' friends are the people I have met since having Bubba and as I have gushed in previous posts, they are pretty awesome!

G is for Giggles.
Bubba giggles to be precise! I am yet to find a sound that brings as much joy to my heart as my Bubbas giggles do.

H is for Home.
I have always been a home bird. I am totally family orientated and love my house. It still needs a lot of work but we are well on the way to making it our perfect little home.

I is for Induction.
I was induced when I had Bubba at 38 weeks and although it was emotionally draining, it wasn't as awful as everyone says. Am considering doing a blog post on it one day.

J is for J.....
J is Hubbys first initial. Don't really want to give him name for work reasons so call him Hubby on here but in real life he starts with a J. I've known and loved him since we were 15 and when I married him in 2012, I knew I had married my soul mate and best friend.

K is for Klout.
I'm on it, I've got it, I go on it but do you think I understand it...NOPE! Not for one teeny tiny second!

L is for Love.
In my opinion, Love makes the world go round. Its a shame that there isn't more love around in today's world. We seem to have fallen into a world where people love themselves more than the people around them and it makes me sad seeing that.

M is for Mother.
I love my Mum to bits. We used to fight like cat and dog when I lived at home but when I moved in with Hubby (before he was hubby) at 21, it was the best thing I ever did for our relationship! We now get on so well and she has been such a life line since having Bubba. She was with us when he came into the world and she loves that little boy so damn much! :)

N is for Nanny.
When I had Bubba it wasn't only mine and Hubbys life that changes. My Mum and my Mother in Law became Nannies. Bubba loves both his Nannies so much and seeing our Mum's become Nannies has been such a joy to watch :)

O is for Oranges.
Because Bubba looooves oranges. So much so Hubby fed him pretty much a whole orange once waling around Tesco's and the mess he got in was something I (and the poor cleaner in Tesco's) won't forget in a long time!!

P is for Peas.
Because Bubba hates them! He doesn't not like very many foods at all but peas is one of them. Don't know why but he just does not like them.

Q is for Queen.
When we found out we was having a boy I was so excited as I saw it has I had my King and then getting my little prince. Who knows if there is a princess for us in the future... one can hope :)

R is for Red.
I have had red hair twice in the past couple of years and I bloody love it! I only like it in winter mind you because as soon as the Sun starts to peek out I feel the overwhelming urge to go back to blonde! And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why my hair looks like a dried out beehive!!

S is for September.
September is such a special month for my little family. Me and hubby got married on the 21st and Bubba was born on the 14th (2 years apart I hasten to add) so we always have a lot to celebrate.

T is for Tickles.
I'm terribly ticklish and it has recently come to light that Bubba is too!!! He has really tickley armpits and feet and makes the funniest noise when you tickle him!

U is for Us.
Me and Hubby are a team. We are a unit and we try to work together as one as much as we possibly can. He is my rock and I really do not know where I would be without us :)

V is for Victory!
I am a terrible looser.....and awfully competitive. This doesn't make for a good match. Whats even worse is when you find out that Hubby is exactly the same. We played monopoly once. Then agreed to never play it again for the sake of our marriage...and our lives!

W is for Wedding.
My wedding day was honestly the most perfect day I could ever have asked for. We didnt spend a huge amount of money but it was all about us having a day where we could share our love with our families and have a huge party at the end of it!

X is for Xmas.
I love Christmas (xmas) so much! I love the weather, the decorations, the family atmosphere, the films, the music, the jumpers, the food, the drinks, the presents, the card...the list could honestly go on and on!!

Y is for You.
You reading this...Yes you! You are bloody brilliant! I have only been writing this blog for almost 2 weeks and have had so much support from people like you! From my friends, family, random people who I have never met before and the blogging community so thank YOU for taking the time out of your day to read my silly little blog. I really do appreciate it.

Z is for Zoo.
We LOOOOVVVEEEE the zoo! Well I love the zoo but drag Hubby there as I don't think I could face being the person who goes on their own. Colchester Zoo is the closest one to us and its the best one I have ever been to! The enclosures are massive, the animals are clearly happy and treated well and the Zoo itself is so clean! Colchester Zoo also run a reserve out in Africa to help endangered animals and is always involved in breeding programs to help different species. I have been going there since I was tiny ! We haven't taken Bubba yet but are planning to at the end of this month of Hubbys birthday and I am soooo excited *sqqquuueeelll*. Bubba loves Monkeys so really hoping he enjoys himself!

So, thats me. In 26 points. If you have made it this far then well done you but you might need to ask yourself what you are doing with your life (JOKING!!!!). In all seriousness thanks so much for reading!

I now tag....
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(only if you have time to do it of course!)

Look forward to learning 26 things about you guys and make sure to go over and say Hi to them on twitter!!

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