To my Bubba (8 months)

Dear Bubba,
You turned 8 months old today. I can't really believe it. I still remember you being this little tiny thing that couldn't hold his head up and now you are my cheeky little happy chappy who is constantly trying to be on the move.

You are always rolling around all over the place, especially in your cot of a night time. We put you down as we are told to, on your back blah blah blah, but garenteed come morning you are on your front right down the end of the bed squished up against the cot bars. Your desperate to walk and stand all the time and get so frustrated when you cant't. You are so strong on your legs but still just too little to start walking so have to stick with sitting down for now. To be honest, I really don't think that you will crawl, I think you will walk first and then learn to crawl.

You still have no teeth, you gummy little boy. You are constantly dribbling and have days where you get all the signs of teething (irritable, chewing everything, bright red cheeks) but there are no actual teeth in there. We think you will be a late teether like your Daddy but I suppose only time will tell.

You recently have become such an affectionate little boy. You hold you arms up for cuddles, you love 'big squeezes' with Daddy and you give the most slobbery but wonderful kisses. Well we call them kisses but they are more like face sucks with the occasional lick thrown in. Either way they are very happily received.

Your doing so well with your weaning. There isn't really much you won't eat and you are starting to
want more food than milk which was worrying me as I wasn't sure you was getting everything that you need, but you are putting on weight well (currently at 21 lbs 6 oz you little chub!) and are sleeping through the night so you must be getting all you need. Your starting to grow out of all of your 6-9 month clothes and have actually started to wear your 9-12 month stuff now!A couple of nights ago I went through all of your clothes and could believe how quick you have been out growing them.

Sleep is still very high on your agenda! You tend to have a nap in the morning for about an hour and then have another one in the afternoon for about 2 hours. You then go to sleep at 7pm (if we try to keep you up any later then hell breaks loose) and you normally sleep until 5/6..have a bottle and then go back to sleep until 7.30-8. I can't complain as it could be SO much worse :) thanks for letting me get some sleep you little babe!!

I love the little personality that is coming out of you now! You can be so cheeky at times and you pull this little face were you make your cheeks go all puffy and you suck your bottom lip in :) its such a cute face!! You also have started to show if you like or dislike people which is funny to watch. Luckily me and Daddy seem to be staying in the good books. You are also starting to show us that you have favorite toys and you love anything that rattles and that you can shake. You also love a bit of baby TV and Henry the Cat (a Spanish cat that always wants to order something off the menu that they chef doesn't have) and Tricky Tracks (a little train that carries some animals around) seem to be your favorite ones at the moment.

I'm going back to work soon. Only three day a week but to get you (and more me) ready I have been leaving you for a little while with your Nannies and it is so nice to see how much you enjoy it there. When you are at Nanny Smiffles you love to play with the children that she childminds and your quite happy to just sit and watch what they are doing and then when your at Nanny Dogs you love to play with Molly dog!! It makes me feel so much better about going back to work as I have seen that you are happy.

You have brought so much light and joy into our lives, little boy, and every day that we spend with you is a blessing. At least once a day I find myself questioning how I became so lucky as to have you as my child. As much as I am excited about you growing up and seeing you blossom, I am cherishing these moments as you won't stay little forever.

Love you always


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