Tommee Tippee Giveaway!!! #ttbigadventure


In the words of Tommee Tippee 'being a baby is thirsty work' and that is why they have created their brand new and best ever range of cups designed to keep our little adventurers happy and hydrated from their very first trip to their first big adventures!

At the Baby Show in Birmingham, I was lucky enough to be asked to attend Tommee Tippees Big
Adventure and to see this new range of cups first hand in their special space themed adventure area. Whilst I was speaking to them, Bubba and Hubby got to go off and explore the spaced themed area which included coloring, balloons and tents. Bubba (and Hubby) was in his element!!

So, back to the cups. There are 7 new cups that have been split into three different categories (weaning, training and active), each based on your child's age/weaning stage and each stage includes a sippee cup and a straw cup, with the 12 month + range also including a sports bottle. We were given a cup for Bubba to try which I was super excited about because at present, Bubba will only drink out of an original Tommee Tippee first sips cup which doesn't have a non spill feature. If I can get him to take the new cup I will be very happy as I will have a lot less wet clothes to deal with!! Once we have had a chance to really put this cup to the test I will be back to do a review on it. 
To see the full range of cups on offer click here to visit Tommee Tippee's website (Oooo and check out their Active 12m+ INSULATED cups!! I kind of want one of these for my coffee in the morning!!).

Now to the really exciting bit!!!! Heres your chance to join #ttbigadventure and win 3 cups from Tommee Tippees new range curtsy of ttbigadventure. 
I have up for grabs a #ttbigadventure bundle which includes:

1 Weaning stage Straw Cup - 6m+
1 Training stage Sippee Cup - 7m+
1 Active stage Sports Bottle - 12m+

For your chance to win all you have to do is follow the instructions below.

Good luck to you all!!!!!!

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