Wednesday's whats made me happy!! #2

Can't believe its been a week since my last WMMH (whats made me happy) post! With the long weekend we've just had it feels like Hubby has been home loads which has been great so there has been lots of things to make me happy!!

  1. We spent Saturday afternoon down the seafront with Father in law and family and we had fish and chips and ice cream and all sorts yummy (naughty) things!! It was so lovely to just go for a wonder along the seafront and catch up with them as we don't really seem them very often.  
  2. Me and Hubby went on a baby free night out to a friends wedding and it was lush. I had a beautiful new PINK dress (I normally am a black dress kinda girl) and felt pretty darn good about myself in it. Obviously there was no upstaging my beautiful bride friend who just looked like an actual fairy princess!!! I honestly almost cried when I saw her as she looked so stunning and happy. I love a good wedding anyway and getting to see lots of work people that I haven't seen in a long time whilst having a few drinks with Hubby was lush!!
  3. Bubba has started to sound like hes talking. I'm pretty sure he doesn't understand the meaning of what he is saying but it is so cute and funny to hear. He has started to say 'Hiya Dada', which of course Hubby is over the moon about, and yesterday all I got from 8am in the morning was 'Dadadadada....' 
  4. I won a competition on Twitter and won the most fabulous Ewan and Friends prize. Ewan the sheep is a comforter (I suppose that's what you'd call it) that Bubba is in love with and I won the whole range of products including a special grey version!! If you haven't a clue what I'm talking about then check out my '5 new baby MUST HAVES' which explains Ewan in more detail and keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for a review of the prize products!
  5. I hit 300 followers on Twitter!!! This is a massive deal for me as I started my blog writing at 80 twitter followers so seeing that 300 people actually what to read what I say is pretty amazing to me :) Thank you so much if you are following me and if your not then why not do so my clicking the follow me button in the side bar :)...shameless self plug!
Overall, this week has been another goodun! I've got a few things coming up in this coming week which should be great as well! We are at a friends party on Friday night (babyless once again!!!) and I am taking part in Race for Life on Sunday in memory of my Grandfather (Brissy as I call him) who passed in February. I'm not thinking that Sunday will be enjoyable as such as I think it will be a very emotional day for me and my Mum but we are doing it for a good cause and I hope he will be proud of us! If you would like to sponsor me then please click here to do so.

Look forward to writing my WMMH again next week!

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