Wednesdays WMMH #3

It's Wednesday again!! Where is the time going? Seriously...I need it to slow down a little bit!
This week has been a bit of a pants one as Hubby has had a lot on with work so things we were planning to do had to be cancelled and he also had to work the weekend as well and its always a bit pants when Daddys not around so I had to really look hard for what made me happy last week to find 5 things. I think I managed it though :)

1. On Sunday, me and my Mum (and two of her friends) completed the Race for Life. For those who don't know what the rice for life is it is a 5km run, jog or walk in aid of Cancer Research UK. I lost my Grandfather in February to Cancer and I have two out of my three Grandparents also currently suffering with this cruel illness and even though I have done Race for Life before this one was very
different! There was such a sense of loss to me and I think that wasn't helped by the fact that it was so so hot so I didn't run it in the 25 mins I wanted to, it took me 42 mins. At the end of the race I found it hard to feel proud and happy as yes I had run 5 KM but it hadn't brought my Brissy back and it hadn't  stopped my other Nan and Grandad from suffering. The only thing I did take solace in and found happiness in is that I smashed my fundraising target of £200 and hit £270! This was my happiness :)

2. We got invited to The Baby Show in Birmingham by Aldi!! I am doing a separate post all about this which you should see in a couple of days. I felt really proud to be contacted by Aldi and am also pretty excited!

3. We received our Ewan and Friend's prize through the post! Bubba won the whole collect of Ewan toys and it was really exciting when we received this and got to have a play with them :)

4. On Tuesday we had another lovely session at sensory play. Bubba loves going to sensory and this week he is desperate to toddle around and watching him play with their interactive mat whilst trying to walk all over it warmed my heart :)

5. Bubba started this week really happy. Things seem to be changing a little bit now as I think he could be coming down with another cold but he was such a joy to be around at the start of the week.
He was smiley and giggling all the time and is loving nothing more that holding your hands and trying to walk around at the moment. As exhausting as it can be because he doesn't want to sit down any more, it does make me laugh when he tries to walk as he looks like a little drunken man!!

So thats it for this week...with a very exciting weekend planned with an overnight stay at the Travelodge and a trip to The Baby Show, I'm hoping that next weeks WMMH will be a lot easier :)


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