Wednesdays WMMH #4

I was such a bad blogger last week and barley blogged at all :( I even forgot to do a Wednesday's Whats made me happy!!
But this week I am back and ready to tell you what has made me happy this week... So here goes...

1. Bubba is finally feeling better!!! He started to not look himself on Monday last week and come Wednesday I took him to the GP as he wasn't looking or doing any better where I was told that he had an ear infection :( He was straight onto antibiotics and after a couple of little hiccups he started to perk up and come bank holiday Monday he was back to his cheeky little self again (see photo!!)

2. It was a bank holiday weekend which meant we had Daddy home for 3 whole days! I love it when Hubby is home and not because I get some 'time off' but because I love spending time with my 2 boys as a family. I also love watching the 2 of them together as they are both so silly and Bubba loves his Daddy so much that it really is a joy to see.

3. We went on a date night (Finally!!!). I know I have said previously that we try to go once a month but the last time me and Hubby went out just the 2 of us with no Bubba and no other people was all the way back in February so it was waaaaay overdue. Thankfully, my Mum & Dad were able to come and baby sit Bubba so we were able to head off for some dinner, some silliness in the arcade and then to the cinema to watch Pitch Perfect 2 (which, by the way, was brilliant!!!). It was so lovely to take some time just to 2 of us and I think it did us both the world of good.

4. On Saturday we managed to get some stuff done in our house, well the garden as such. We have some land at the bottom of our garden which we use as a car parking space for my car and when we brought the house you could only fit one car on there as the rest of the space was taken us by a huge load of weeds and ivy. Over time we have dug out all the the ivy with the help of some friends but it needed hardcore and slate ect to sort it all out and make it usable which is what we have now done! It was bloody hard work but totally worth it as we can now have both cars off the road and it also looks a lot nicer for the neighbors too :)

5. I received some very very exciting news yesterday.. I was contacted by the lovely people over at Your Baby Club who asked me if I would like to become an official Your Baby Club Blogger!! I obviously jumped at the chance and am really excited to be working with them in the future. Keep your eyes peeled for my first post about them soon with lot's of exciting things and maybe a competition or two... :)

So overall, a really happy week!! Have also got lot's to look forward over the next coming week as its Hubby's birthday on Friday so we have lot's of nice things planned. And also, now Bubba is better, I should be able to get back into my blog and get Mummy Spamming again :)

What has made you happy this week? Let me know in the comments

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