Why I voted this year...

I am totally ashamed to say that I have never voted before. It's not because I haven't wanted top but because I haven't really understood what I am doing, if I am being totally honest with you. I get so dazzled by all of the different parties saying what they will do and what they won't do and I never really took the time to look into what each party was really offering and what it meant to me. I always felt so bad for not voting though as I know about the suffragettes and what they did to give women the vote. I did feel like I was letting them down by not going but I just felt that I couldn't vote when I didn't really understand what I was voting for!

This year however, I did. Hubby took the time to find lots of info about all of the different parties and we almost had little make shift politic lessons once Bubba had gone to bed. I watched the debates on TV and read all of the literature that came through my front door. Granted, I didn't understand all of it and it really took a lot of time to get my head around it all but I did it and I kind of felt a little proud that I could join in conversations about who I was voting for.

So what makes this year so different? I can tell you exactly what makes it different. In September 2014 this happened to me:

I had a baby and because of this baby, I now cared about what happened in the future. I cared if the government were going to cut funding to NHS and school ect as it wouldn't just effect me, but it would effect the most important person in my world. My little boy. He is the next generation and I feel like I now have a duty to make sure he has the most secure future possible. So today I voted. I am not going to say who and I am also not going to explain why I support a certain party as it's my opinion and everyone has THEIR own views and I should not push mine on to them. All I will say is if you didn't vote then ask yourself why. Is it because you didn't really get it or is it because you don't really care? I used to be a bit of both I suppose but now Bubba is here, all the hours of research and learning were well worth it as I was able to confidentially vote for what I believe in :)

Now to see if this new government (who ever they may be) do what they say....
we will see :)

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