Bubba's first shoes!!!!

The 20th June 2015 was an emotional day for me as we brought Bubba's first ever pair of shoes!!!!
Now, before any keyboard warriors out there start to get on the defense, Bubba is desperate to walk and is starting to crawl around. Recently we went to a park and I was going to let Bubba down to walk around holding my hands but it suddenly dawned on me that it a super hot day and the tarmac on the floor was black so that floor would have been BURNING! I then spoke to Hubby and we decided to go and get his feet measured to get him a pair of shoes which would protect his feet whilst not being restrictive to his foot development.

When thinking about kids shoes there was only one place that came to mind for me and that was Clarks. To me, they are a little bit of an institution when it comes to buying kids shoes and I know the quality is great but what I wasn't expecting was the experience that they gave us. I was a little concerned as it was getting closer and closer to nap time but we decided to just go for it and see how he got on.

We went into Clarks and were greeted pretty promptly by a lovely sales assistant who asked how she could help so I explained about Bubba and what we wanted and off she went to get the measuring stuff (sure there is a technical name for it but I don't know it!!). I stupidly forgot to pack socks for Bubs but the lady very happily went and got some little pop socks that she cut down to pop over his little feet to help her measure his feet and to let him try on the shoes. Bubba was so well behaved as he sat on Hubby lap whilst she measured his feet. The Clarks lady was so quick that I don't think it even gave Bubba a chance to have a moan and it was done so quickly! His feet were a 3G and as I had mentioned when we came in that his little feet were so broad that they didn't fit into any of the high street brought crib shoes he had, the Clark's lady said that his feet weren't that broad in comparison to other babies she'd seen. Was actually reassuring to know that Bubba didn't have freakishly fat feet like I thought :)

We then picked the most adorable little pair of blue shoes and whilst the sales assistant was trying to find his size Hubby took a look at the price. I think we both expected them to be quite expensive (in the region of £25) but to our surprise they were £18 so Hubs was very happy! Bubs then tried his little shoes on and had a little wander. The lady checked his toes and said they were all fine so that was a done deal for us. We were happy and ready to go to the tills.

The Clarks lady then got out a camera and explained that for their first shoes they take a photo of them to go in a little holder which I just LOVED!! She took about 3 photos of Bubs and I picked the one I liked the most. It then went into a little holder that had his name, the date and his shoe size on it. We then also got a little card which you are meant to bring in with you each time as a way to see the progression. I loved these little touches and they made the experience so personal and memorable. I also love the fact that we have these little keepsakes to treasure and remember what, to me, was a really special occasion. I would definitely go back to them again for his next pair of shoes and thought the service and staff in their were just brilliant! We were given their full attention and for a Saturday afternoon in a busy high street, that is a huge achievement in my eyes.

So that was that. Bubba now has his first pair of shoes and we are onto a new phase of his little life. The walking!!! Suppose all of the running around after him that is coming up will it will be a good way for me to loose so weight :)

Note: This post in is no way sponsored or endorsed by Clarks. I just loved their shoes and their service and wanted to share it :)

My smear experiance..

Today was a historic day for me. Today was the day I had my first ever smear test!

I'm not going to lie but before going I was really nervous and didn't really know what to expect! I was invited to a smear 1 month before I fell pregnant with bubs so therefore couldn't go and after having him I totally forgot about it and if I'm being honest, put it off a bit. When I finally joined up to my new go surgery (after almost 2 years of staying at my old one which was about 25 mins away) I asked when I went in for my gp health check induction thing if I could have a smear test and they were more than happy to get the appointment booked for me.
So.. Appointment day comes and off I trotted to see the nurse. I felt so nervous but couldn't really work out why. I wasn't worried about the actual "procedure" as I had had something like it done when I needed an internal examination when pregnant and it was fine. I kept telling myself that the nurse sees women's bit every day and when I was having bubba there were so many people that saw my vajaja or had a feel around that I actually lost count so I don't think it was that I was worried about either. I think it was just a general nervousness about the words "smear test" and actually having one done. I may also be fear of the results as I have known a couple of people to have had to have treatment after a smear but then I just kept telling myself well if there is anything wrong then at least we will know and we can get it sorted.

Back to the appointment, the nurse I saw was so lovely. She made me feel so relaxed and at ease and told me all about what was going to happen. She explained that she would take a swab from my cervix and that it was be sent off for testing. If it came back as "abnormal" then it might not necessarily be something to worry about. She stressed to me that a cervical screening test is NOT A TEST FOR CANCER, even though everyone hears to word smear and automatically associates it with cancer. If there were abnormal cells then they would just do some more tests to see why they were abnormal and then sometimes they sort themselves out on their own but in some cases they could be PRE cancerous and may need to be removed. She explained it so well to be and really helped me understand what the purpose of the test actually was as to be fair, I didn't have a clue :)

Once she had gone through everything and asked me a couple of questions like when my last period was it was then time for me to pop into the bed... This next section may be a little too much information but I feel it's important to talk about for anyone that is feeling nervous or apprehensive about a smear test.

To be totally honest, when the time came to get down to the actual test I became a clumsy, nervous, giggly muppet!! The nurse told me to take my underwear off then just roll up my dress so she could "get access" as such! I suddenly became very conscious and started to worry if I should have "mowed the lawn" a little more and thinking about if I was totally spotless and shiny down there. Then it dawned on me.. She isn't looking at my lady garden. She probably wouldn't notice if I plaited my lady rug as all she was doing was concentrating on the test. She asked me to lay with my feet together and then to let my knees drop down, then to lay back and think about being on holiday somewhere! :) she very quickly and painlessly popped on the speculum which was like a clear plastic clamp thing which she then wound open very quickly to open up the walls. She then quickly swabbed my cervix and it was all done. It honestly lasted about 30 seconds and was not painful at all! It wasn't the most pleasant thing in the world and was a little uncomfortable but it was over so quickly that it really didn't matter. She then explained it would be sent off and I was hear soon if there was any issues. And that was that. First smear test done!

Now so of you out there might be wondering why I have blogged about this? The answer to that is to encourage all women to take that leap and go get a smear done. It really isn't scary, just a little uncomfortable but that 30 seconds of discomfort could save your life. Having a smear test done can prevent around 45% of cervical cancer cases in women in their 30s, rising with age to 75% in women in their 50s and 60s, who attend regularly. Research also shows that the survival rate in women diagnosed at a younger age is higher than those diagnosed later in life so the sooner you get checked the better.

Please don't be scared or nervous like I was. Don't put it off as chances are the test will be totally fine and come back clear but just don't take the chance!! If you are due a test or haven't been before then go getting booking now!!! :)

For more information about cervical cancer screening please visit:

There are also many support charities out there too. Such as:
Jos trust- https://twitter.com/JoTrust
Cancer research UK - http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/type/cervical-cancer/

As always if you ever have any concerns about your health or wellbeing then please visit your local GP or health clinic.


It's been a while...

Hello hello!!! Its been a while...

I don't want to go into the ins and outs as it's still very raw but we had another bereavement in the family and I took it quite hard. Having gone from not having lost anyone in my life before to suddenly loosing two people I loved and cared about very much in the space of 4 months left me feeling emotional, dazed and a little numb. I haven't really wanted to blog and haven't wanted to be present in social media. I have just wanted to wallow for a little bit of time in my sadness and grief on my own and to be fair I think it has done me a lot of good.

It has given me time to get my head somewhat straight and to just be with my family and not feel pressured to blog which has been amazing. Fellow bloggers, readers of my blog, friends and even PR people and companies have been so supportive, understanding and caring and I am so grateful for this as the pressure to blog at this time would have made me start to almost despise my blog and that is something I never want to do. If I am being totally honest, there were days where I started to worry about loosing readers and followers as I wasn't posting or tweeting etc but then I just came to the conclusion that why should I just blog for the sheer hell of blogging. I only want to write what I want to write about so why should I have to force myself to write?? I wanted some time away from My Mummy Spam and that is just what I got. Writing this now, I can feel that I have missed it and I am glad to be back writing again but forcing myself to blog was not going to help anyone!

But now...I am back. I have so much that I want to talk and blog about and I now feel ready to carry on sharing my life with Bubba and Hubby with the world (well...the lovely people out there who read my mummy spam!).

Thank you for bearing with me and I hope you are still out there reading. I have some very exciting posts that I have started on and I promise to start getting back onto my Facebook page, tweeting and joining some lovely linkies again. Basically, to get back to what My Mummy Spam was :)



I am officially a working Mum!

Feel like I need to start this with a little disclaimer.. During this post I am focusing on my feelings as thoughts as a working Mum. This DOES NOT mean that I think that we are any better than stay at home Mum or that being a stay at home Mum is an easy thing (I know full well it isn't as I have just finished 9 months on mat leave). 

So, that is my first week at work done!! I am officially a working Mummy now and I actually feel pretty proud of that fact. I have had so many people ask me how it was and how we (me & Bubba) coped and to be honest, it was no where near as awful as I thought. Before I actually went back to work I was so nervous and I know that many other Mummies in the same position feel anxious, worried and sad so thought I would post this to let you all know that its really not that bad and it will be okay :)

One thing that I would really suggest to anyone going back work soon is to take your little one to stay, for a few hours at a time, with whom ever they will be staying with when D day comes. I am very lucky to have family close by so Bubba stays with my Mum and my Mother in law for the 3 days a week that I work and even though he knows them both and sends time at their houses I still took him round a couple of weeks before hand and started to leave him there. It was only for a couple of hours at a time at first but eventually I took him for the whole day and treated it like a test run day for times with getting to work etc. This no only helped Bubba see that even though mummy leaves him, she does come back..it really helped me! I think that I was more bothered about leaving him that Bubba was. Leaving him really helped me to learn to deal with the awful ache in my heart that I felt where I just missed him so god damn much! It showed me that I could leave him, I could spend the day away from him and he would be as happy as Larry and I would be fine. The test runs and leaving Bubba at the Nannies was a huge help and I would seriously suggest trying to arrange something like this with whoever is going to be looking after your child. 

The actual going to work but was surprisingly really good! I loved being able to talk about things other than poop, to drink a hot cup of coffee and to eat my lunch without little hands trying to steal a bite. It was wonderful to go back to being Ami for a while. My job is quite a sociable one and I love the fact that I am with the public again chatting and helping people. Its even been great putting  my brain to work again as there is so much to learn as a lot can change in a year! I do feel a sense of pride being a working woman who is also a wife, keeps a house and is a Mum. Its not easy and I feel constantly busy (hence the lack of blogging this week) but I feel proud that I am teaching my sons that if you want nice things in life then Mummy & Daddy have to go to work. I come over a bit spice girlish when I think about all the stuff I do and feel a little bit like 'GIRL POWER' :)

Top is Bubba having fun with his Nanny
Bottom is how tired he comes home :)
The best part of the whole going back to work thing though was when I go to pick up Bubba at the end of the day! He honestly gives me the most wonderful cuddles and kisses (well not kisses but his version of kisses which are when he puts his mouth to your face and pokes his tongue out!!) when I go to get him and it just makes my heart swell with joy! He has so much fun at his Nannies (knowing that makes me feel so much more at ease) and he tends to come home totally shattered where he's been having so much fun :) My going back to work has also really made me appreciate and make the most out of the time that we do spend together in the week, so much so that I actually missed him on Wednesday when I put him down for a nap! 

If your due to go back to work soon then don't stress about it or feel sad or anxious, I know its hard not to but it will be fine. Your bubba will adapt sooner and easier than you probably think and so will you. Just think of why you are doing it, what you are giving to your child and that you are pretty damn awesome!!! :)

Have you gone back to work after maternity leave? How did you feel? 


Thursday's WMMH... #5

Okay, so I know its not Wednesday and I know that my whats made me happy post usually comes up on a Wednesday but am I allowed to switch it to Thursday this week??? :) I'm still trying to work out where blogging will fit into my routine now that I am back at work but I am getting there slowly. I am hoping to have this back to wednesday as of next week.

So, the past week has been a week of huge change for me and Bubba as I went back to work on Monday. I still found lots to be happy about this week though..

1. Bubba seems to be so settled when I leave him and go to work. I am so lucky and grateful as I have my Mum (who is a childminder) looking after him 2 days a week and my MIL having him for the other day. So far he has only been to my mums this week and he was as good as gold. He loves being around other children and is desperate to be put down to play with them all as soon as we walked in. As he is 'the new baby' the other children are finding him a bit of a novelty at the moment too which is great for him as he is just lapping up the attention! Knowing that he has been so happy has really made the transition that little bit easier for me. The best part of my day is the huge slobbery kiss I get when I go to get him :) it is the best!!

2. I went back to work! You may be thinking that this is a strange one to have on a what has made me happy post but it really did make me happy. As much as I missed Bubba (and I really did miss him more than I thought I could miss anyone!) it was so lovely to use a handbag, to eat my lunch without little hands trying to steal it and to have a hot cup of coffee! It was so nice to feel like Ami for a couple of days and to get back to me. It was still the best when I got Bubs back though and became Mumma again :)

3. We had such a lovely, family weekend. On Saturday we had a chilled out day and went to the park and woods down the end of our road which was so great as Hubby hasn't taken Bubba to the park before and Bubs LOVES it! He is a proper adrenaline junkie and loved going down the massive slide with hubby and going on the seesaw! On Sunday, we went to Hever Castle in Kent which was
brilliant. We took a picnic and spent the day wandering around the castle and the gardens. There were also some brilliant mazes for the kids. Will defiantly be going back here when bubbas a little older so he can get stuck into the mazes :)

4. Bubba has started to crawl!! Well...when I saw crawl I mean army crawling backwards and doing some sort of strange worm crawl, rolling thing to move forwards! I really thought that he was going to walk before crawling but it seems I was wrong and we could soon have a crawler on our hands!

5. We made a dent in the jungle that is our garden. This is something so silly but it really made me happy. We haven't done any proper gardening in over a year. Our garden is pretty much all concrete apart from lots of bushes and stuff round the sides and some decking at the end. The bushes had seriously overgrown and the garden was just a mess so Saturday morning I decided to take the bull by the horns and starting hacking away at it. There is still a long way to go but the fact that we are making progress makes me happy!

So...whats made you happy this week? Let me know in the comments!



Ella's Kitchen Recipe Book!!!

Recently I posted about some fabbie goodies that Bubba was very kindly sent from Ella's Kitchen. We then were sent a couple of recipe's from Ella's Kitchens new book (yes they have a book and no I didn't know they did books either!!) for me to cook and try out with Bubba. As I had already planned to do a huge batch cooking session in prep for my return to work I thought Bubba could try 2 of the Ella's Kitchen ones to see how we both got on.

Chickpeas, courgette, carrots & coriander:

Bubba hadn't tried chickpeas before but they are a great source protein and fiber so I was very keen to

get them into his diet. The receipie was a very simple one to follow, only using 4 ingredients (see picture), taking 5 mins to prep and 15 mins to cook. The receipie called for fresh coriander leaves but I used some ground coriander as didn't have fresh. To be honest, I think this had a negative impact of the dish as it made it taste a little strong but I honestly think that is because I put WAY too much ground coriander in (NOTE TO SELF- recipe instructions are there for a reason so follow them!!!). Overall though, this is a very easy dish that smushes down into a lovely smooth puree that would be suitable for all ages of weaning.

Lentils, squash, oranges & tomatoes:

Bubba loves lentils. I had given them to him before in another dish and they were a big hit so I was excited to give him this interesting combination of lentils with oranges and tomatoes. Once again, this was a very easy dish to prepare (minus prepping the squash!! I bloody hate peeling and cutting squash and this cooking session resulted in a fight with the squash and the squash winning! I ended up with a nice cut right on the top of my thumb!! If you know an easy way to prep a squash then please tell me!!!) with only 4 ingredients and only taking 20 mins to cook. I didn't puree this one as smooth as Bubba does like having some lumps to chomp on and he really loves this dish. Don't be put off by the thought of orange with this as it brings a lovely sweetness to the dish that babies (especially young ones) will really love.

Both of these recipes are from 'The First Foods Book. The Purple One' from Ella's kitchen. This is the third book in their series and has delicious recipes for baby's just starting weaning all the way up to exciting combinations and full meals for one year olds. The book also includes weekly meal planners (that are super useful for seeing how much they should be eating at different stages) and a really handy pull out chart that can go on the wall. This book is not only full of yummy food ideas, it also includes advice from nutritionists, baby experts and real Mum's & Dad's to help making your weaning journey as stress free as possible.

Ella’s Kitchen the First Foods Book - The Purple One (hardback) is published by Hamlyn available to purchase from 9th of April 2015 in all good book retailers (RRP £14.99).

Note: we were sent these recipes for review purposes but all views and opinions are honest and my own. 


Super Sensory Sessions..

Bubba loves sensory play..like seriously loves it! Before I had Bubba, I heard the word 'sensory' batted around quite a lot and I just dismissed it as another overpriced 'fad' and thought that I wouldn't really have much dealings with the word.

I went to my first sensory session with Bubba when he was about 3 months old. It was held at our regular children's center where we go to a play group and to be honest, I wasn't holding very high hopes of Bubba enjoying it. To be fair, the first session we did, he went in, looked at some lights, had a bottle then promptly fell asleep on a giant soft lady bird!!! The next session was a month later and that was totally different!
Bubba was into everything! He loved the tube lights, the big trays of spaghetti that he could play with, the different textured fabrics and the shiny tin foil and surfaces. It dawned on me during this
session why people spoke so highly of baby sensory. I could really see how it was working Bubba's senses and engaging him in a way that was so different from normal play.
We have visited a few different sensory places since unearthing Bubba's love and there have been a few parts of it that have really shown me the benefits of baby sensory!

  • At the sensory room sessions at the Mega Center in Rayleigh they have the most amazing interactive play mat. It is like a projector that puts all different types of things onto a mat on the floor. The one which Bubba loves the most is a pond with fish swimming around it and when you touch the fishes they swim away really quickly. He loves trying to catch the fish and I love watching him as he fine tunes his hand-eye coordination. 
  • Also at the Mega Center they have some fantastic textured balls which Bubba loves to roll and catch. I can really see how this is helping his motor skills as he is becoming so good at catching the ball when you roll it to him. It makes him giggle every time as well which makes it even better!!
  • There is another fantastic place near me in Leigh called 'Discover with baby'. This is a purpose built sensory boutique and we love it!! They have so many sensory toys and a dark room with lots of lights and a bubble tube and if you live near the area then I would highly recommend paying them a visit! They have some brilliant musical instruments and Bubba especially loves things that rattle or make noise as he shakes them. 
  • At Discover with Baby they also have some brilliant busy boards. Bubba loves little things that he can touch and fiddle with so a board like this is perfect for him as it has laces, zips, buttons and all sorts. It amazing watching him develop and go from aimlessly bashing these boards to being able to pull and hold the small little bits so well.
  • One of my favorite 'activities' that Bubba used at the Childrens Center sensory session was so simple yet so educational and interesting for Bubba to play with. It was all to do with smell and the tray that the little ones could sit by and play with had in it a lemon, orange and lime (all with the skins slightly pierced as to let to scent out) and it also had little tubs with tiny holes on the top which contained star anise, vanilla pods and some other herb that smelt and I can't remember what it was called! Bubba loved this as not only did he use the pots as a rattle (not the intended use I know) but I could really see him smelling them and trying to process that the smell was coming from inside the pot. So simple, yet so brilliant!
So, we are now sensory converts and as I am going back to work tomorrow (SOB!!!) I know that I won't be able to take Bubs to this kind of thing as often but I will be making sure that we still try to squeeze in at least 1 session a month as I can really see the benefits to him. 

Do you have any experiences of baby sensory? Any thoughts on the different things to stimulate the different senses? Let me know :)



Hospital Bag Essentials!

So, a while ago, one of my lovely friends who is cooking a wonderful little peanut in her tum asked me what I would recommend she packed in her hospital bag. I remember starting to have this thought myself when I was about 28 weeks pregnant and trawling the internet for blogs, YouTube videos, lists...anything that could tell me what I needed to pack. Apart from all of the normal stuff like clothes, nappies etc, I found some real gems which I wouldn't have thought of but were super useful whilst I was having Bubba. So...this is my list (based on an overnight stay):

For Baby: 

  • Vests (4) - sleeve length depending on the time of year
  • Baby grows (4) - I can't stress enough helpful it is to get the ones that just popper up at the front. The ones that have diagonal poppers or just leg poppers may look cute but are a pain in the arse when you are tired out of your mind and have a tiny screaming baby who won't cooperate! 
  • Baby hats and scratch mits (2 hats, 4 pairs of mits) - doesn't matter what time of year as baby won't be able to control its temp and it can get chilly on the wards. 
  • Blankets - some hospitals provide them but you will need at least 1 for when you go home.
  • Nappies - we just took a carry pack as you can never have too many nappies!
  • Wipes - we used the water wipes to start with as they are as soft and gentle as water and cotton wool, just a lot less fiddly. 
  • Ready made bottles of milk - This differs depending on hospital but where I had Bubba had a rule that you couldn't use your own bottles because of hygiene reasons so they supplied the bottles and teats but you needed the milk. I wanted to breast feed but took milk with me just in case and it was a good job I did :)
  • Muslin cloths - no explanation needed really!
  • Dummies - I took 2 dummies with me and I am so glad I did. I remember it was about 1am and Bubba was fed and everything but just wouldn't stop crying. I actually asked the midwife if I could give him a duddy (don't know why I asked her) and it made everything better..for me and the rest of the tired new mummies on the ward. 

For Mummy: 

  • Black PJ bottoms (2) - just trust me...don't take any colour other than black!
  • Nursing bra's and comfy tops (2) - If you want to breastfeed then this is a definite. If not, just remember to take a comfy bra and your boobs might ache. In fact your whole body might ache (I remember feeling like I had been hit by a bus the next day) so you will want to be comfy!
  • Black high knickers (4) - I brought the most disgusting looking black granny pants into hospital which did the job perfectly. I wanted them quite high waist in case I had to have a C Section (you never know) and really didn't care if I have VPL!
  • Socks (2) - your feet will get cold. Not sure why it happens but it does :)
  • Slippers - buy a cheap pair of DARK coloured slippers. Wear them at hospital and when you get home just throw them straight away!!
  • Comfy trackie bottoms or leggings to go home in - when it comes to clothing for about the first month after having a baby just think comfort!!
  • Hair bobbles and hair grips - When you are in labour you won't care what you look like but you will just want that damn bit of hair off your face so these are essential!
  • Make up wipes - You never know when you will go into labour and I couldn't bear the thought of being all hot and sweaty in a full face of make up. They are also nice for a freshen up once everything's settled down if you can't get up to wash your face. 
  • Roll on deodorant - don't take spray..that's just inconsiderate of all the mummys and babies around you.
  • Lip Balm - gas and air makes your lips really REALLY dry and I remember hubby putting this on for me pretty much every hour when I was in labour.
  • Shower gel and shower puff/sponge/flannel - get a NON SCENTED, gentle shower gel. I took sanex 0% which basically has nothing it in that could possibly sting any cut or stitch I had. 
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste & hairbrush - buy a little travel one to stick in your bag as the last thing you want when your going to the hospital is to be remembering to pack last minute things.
  • Phone charger - as above, I brought a second one from Ebay to leave in the bag so I knew it was packed. 
  • Breast pads - I just got the cheap ones and to me they were all the same.
  • Maternity pads - Now, I took proper maternity pads into hospital with me and used them for the first day and then ran out as I was changing them literally every hour! My Mum then brought me in some Always pads that were massive. I can't remember what they were called but they were a HUGE pad that was so super absorbent and didn't come with the 'maternity pad' price tag.
  • Straws - such a strange one but when your in labour the thought of having to hold a cup and tip your head back to drink it can seriously be too much to deal with so grab a straw, get someone else to hold the cup and sip away.
  • Sports drinks & snacks - This is a top tip as you will get tired and if your on nil by mouth for any reason, sports drinks can give you the little pick me up you need.
  • Towel - take a DARK coloured towel with you as if you do have to stay in you will want a shower the next day. 
  • Pain killers - this also sounds like a strange one but it was the best tip I found online. Take your own paracetamol and ibuprofen and you will hurt after giving birth and sometimes if you were to ask any of the very over worked staff on the ward you may find that you are waiting for quite a while. I took my own and just kept myself dosed up to keep the pain at bay. 
  • Spare T-Shirt for Daddy - You might puke on him, baby might puke, poop or wee on him..just take a spare just in case :)
  • Empty carrier bag - for all your dirty clothes when you go home. 
  • Camera - obviously :)
  • Lot's of change - for care parking, mags, snacks..anything. I packed £20 worth of £1 coins in our bag so I knew it didn't matter if we had no change when we went in. 
So...I think thats it...I don't think I have forgotten anything and if I have forgotten anything glaringly obvious then apologies but it has been almost 9 months since I used all this stuff :)

Have you got any top tips for what you packed? Let me know in the comments :)


Special delivery from Ella's Kitchen!!

About a week ago Bubba received a very exciting package through the post! The lovely people at Ella's Kitchen had very kindly sent him a box of goodies and as a Bubba who likes his food, the contents of the box has been VERY well received :) 

For those who are new to the weaning game (or have been living under a rock!!) Ella's kitchen is an organic baby food brand that was created by Paul Lindley who is Ella's Daddy. Paul wanted set up Ella's kitchen because he believed that his daughter and her generation should have the opportunity to eat and explore food that is not only good for them, but also is engaging and explores the senses. Ella's kitchen covers all stages of weaning from 4 month plus first purees up to 1 year plus toddler snacks and meals. 
I tend to cook most of Bubbas dinners for him using different baby recipes but even through we did go down the purée route, I mix in a little BLW by giving bubs little finger foods to keep him interested and occupied during meal times. We had previously tried the Ella's Kitchen Puffits and bubba had loved them as they were big enough for him to pick up but small enough for him to pop in whole and have a chomp. We had also previously tried the apple and ginger biscuts that Bubba also loved and I loved the fact that they came individually wrapped so were super easy to just pop into my bag. 

So...back to the delivery! The box (which was such a clever and lovely design as you could turn it into a rocket ship afterwards!!) was filled with the following: 

2 bags of grab me melty puffs - 1 tomatoes + leek flavor & the other strawberries & banana. 
2 tubs of pick me meltly hoops- 1 cheese + tomatoes & the other vanilla + bananas 
A HUGE box of grip me melty baby biscuits, Apple & ginger flavor

I knew Bubba would like the biscuits as we had already tried these but it was great to have another huge box to see us through for a while. I was super excited about giving Bubs the hoops as he loves exploring little foods that he can pick up as his motor skills are starting to develop. They were a HUGE hit! He lvoed being able to pick them up as they are just the right size for his little hands and they melted in his mouth which meant I didn't have to panic about him choking on them! I had a little taste of the hoops too and what I loved was that there was not powdery flavouring on the outside which meant that 1. it didn't get stuck all over Bubba's hands and 2. The flavour was not overpowering and was just enough. I also loved the fact that these hoops came in a tub with a screw top lid which meant they would stay fresh for longer. Big thumbs up from me and Bubba on this one!

The melty puff...well...lets just say that I have found Bubba's new favorite snack with these. Hubby and I were a bit dubious about a tomato and leek flavoured puff as I we hadn't come across leek flavoured snacks before but they were actually very nice and Bubba absolutely loves them!! It has only taken him 1 week to get through the entire bag! I have already had to go out and repurchase them but to be honest for 69p I really don't mind! 

I really can't recommend the Ella's Kitchen snack range enough. They are inexpensive, taste and innovative with the added bonus of having no nasties in them. I love the packaging, the brand, the story behind the products and the fact that my Bubba loves them :)

You should be able to find these products in your local supermarket but if not you can buy direct from Ella's Kitchen by visiting their website: http://www.ellaskitchen.co.uk/

Has your little one tried the Ella's kitchen range yet? Do they have a favorite snack??

Note: We were very kindly sent these items for review purposes but all opinions are honest and my own. 


Getting ready to enter the next chapter..

So, in less than 1 week I will go from being a Mummy on maternity leave to a working Mum. This scares the life out of me for sooooo many reasons!!

1. How will I cope with the amount I will miss my little boy?? I have spent pretty much everyday with him for the past almost 9 months. I am so very lucky to only need to go back to work for 3 days a week and I am even more fortunate that my Mum (who is a childminder) has agreed to have Bubba for 2 days and my mother in law has offered to have him for the other 1. I know I am lucky but I really don't know how I will be able to suppress the dull ache when I am at work where I just miss his squishy little face!! I'm guessing it will just get better in time.

2. How will I balance everything? I'm really worried about how I will juggle working with housework, washing, being a Mummy and doing Mummy things, having some sort of social life and seeing friends, being a wife and blogging??? How do people fit it all in??

3. Going into work after a horrendous night with Bubba (which I know will happen) petrifies me. I don't do well with little sleep and I think I have adapted to less sleep pretty well since becoming a Mummy but having a bad night and then going into work is something that I don't know how I will deal with?!

4. Getting Bubba to bed on time on the days that I am working is something that I am not sure about! Bubba normally has dinner at 5 (which he will be having at his Nanny's) and then a bath at 6.15ish so he is all done and ready for bottle, story and bed at 7pm. I know that there will be days where I don't leave work till late and even on a normal day I don't envisage leaving work long before 5.30 so I just don't know how it will all work. I am guessing this will just be a trial and error, muddling along thing.

5. The biggest thing that is scaring me about going back to work is the realisation that Bubba is getting older. Time is ticking along so so quickly and I just can't believe that my mat leave has come to an end so quickly! It feels like I have literally blinked and it has come round. It just scares me that time is going so quick and I just want to savor every single second with my little Bubs because he soon won't be that little anymore.

Have you gone back to work after being on mat leave? How did you cope with the massive change?
Would love to hear your thoughts :)


Aldi's Baby Special Buy Event!

Last week I was so excited to receive a fantastic opportunity to work with Aldi again! If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I LOVE Aldi's stuff, especially their Mamia baby range so when they asked me to do some shopping in their baby special buy event I leaped at the chance.

Aldi run special buy events all the time for different things and I have seen their baby ones before but never really shopped in it as I didn't have Bubba. This time round I was like a child in a toy shop! It was brilliant and I manage to get a whole host of brilliant deals!! This is what we got:

Boys Summer Jacket - £5.99

This is a super cute, blue jacket which is water proof with a soft jersey lining inside. What I love about this is it is so light weight and folds up small so it is perfect for popping into our changing bag during summer as thanks to the great British weather you never know when the heavens could open! At £5.99 I thought that the quality was brilliant and you really can't go wrong! 
Photo from Aldi website

A Huck Go S Sun Buggy - £16.99 (that isn't a typo...it was seriously £16.99!!)

This is just brilliant!! We have an Oyster Max pushchair so don't need a day to day buggy but brought this one with the idea of taking it on holiday or if we needed a light, compact buggy for day trips ect. It then dawned on me that we could actually give this to my mother in law as she will be having Bubs for one day a week so this would be perfect for her if she needed to pop into town or wanted to go for a walk to the park. The buggy is very basic (not great suspension and doesn't lie flat) but for occasional use and for £16.99 I think it is bloody brilliant!!!!

 A huge 12 pack of my FAVORITE Mamia sensitive baby wipes - £5.99

These don't really need much explanation. They are the best wipes on the market in my opinion. They are perfect on Bubbas sensitive skin, they don't disintegrate like other brand we have used and the value for money is second to none! Use these wipes once and I will promise you that you won't want to use any other brand again. I am yet to meet someone that says they don't like these wipes. 

Photo from Aldi website

A pack of 150 Mamia Nappy sacks - 89p 

These are brand new to me and I really hope that Aldi add them to their Mamia range for good and not just for the special buys. They have that nappy sack sent (which I personally like) and they are nice and strong, unlike other similar priced sacks we have used before. I only brought 1 packet but for the price I really wish I stocked up and brought a few!

Kiddylicious Apple Crisps. 4 pack - £1.49

These were another new purchase for us and Bubba seems to really like them. They look a lot like dried apple slices (which is essentially what they are) and have a lovely balance between sweeteness and the sharpness of apples which was lovely. 

A Disney cars small soft play ball - £1.49

Bubba loves a ball. This is a ball, it's soft and it's not too big for him to hold so Bubs was happy! :)

Photo from Aldi website

UV infant playshade - £17.99

This was one of my favorite purchases of the day and one which I know that at least 4 other people have gone to purchase after I tweeted about it! It is a HUGE UV playtent which is just perfect for the beach, garden or park. It pops up as well and comes in a fab carry bag. I am a bit paranoid when it comes to making sure Bubs is protected from the sun so I can imagine that this will be getting a lot of use in the future. 

Tommee Tippee Super Sipper Cup - £1.89

This is from their old range but none the less I brought it because it didn't have handles and I am trying to help encourage Bubba to hold his cup like he would a normal cup. This does the job, he likes it and for less than £2 it is a steal!

Fitted Cotbed Sheet - £2.99

When Bubba was poorly recently he was a little sick when he was in bed. I have a spare cotbed sheet but it dawned on me that I was be totally stuck if  Bubba was sick on that one too whilst the original one was in the wash. This was the perfect solution and fits so nicely onto his mattress as its elasticated all of the way around. 10/10 from me on this one!

3 pack of Muslin Cloths - £3.29

I was expecting these to be quite rough and not very soft as for less than £3.50 I didn't think I could really ask for much but I was so wrong. they are so so soft and even Hubby noticed them as he picked it up out of the draw and instantly knew it was different to our other Muslin's as it was so soft. Love these!!

Overall, the baby special buy event was just brilliant and I want to thank Aldi for giving me such a great opportunities to review some of their amazing products! They also had changing mats, baby swings, weaning sets, bottles...the list goes on and on! 
If you have an Aldi local to you then I suggest you get down there NOW before all of this stuff sells out (if it hasn't already)!
If you have missed it this time then why not down load the Aldi app (search on the app sort or android market) for alerts and information about the latest special buy events. 

Note: Aldi very kindly sent me vouchers to purchase these products but all opinions are honest, unbiased and totally my own.