Aldi's Baby Special Buy Event!

Last week I was so excited to receive a fantastic opportunity to work with Aldi again! If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I LOVE Aldi's stuff, especially their Mamia baby range so when they asked me to do some shopping in their baby special buy event I leaped at the chance.

Aldi run special buy events all the time for different things and I have seen their baby ones before but never really shopped in it as I didn't have Bubba. This time round I was like a child in a toy shop! It was brilliant and I manage to get a whole host of brilliant deals!! This is what we got:

Boys Summer Jacket - £5.99

This is a super cute, blue jacket which is water proof with a soft jersey lining inside. What I love about this is it is so light weight and folds up small so it is perfect for popping into our changing bag during summer as thanks to the great British weather you never know when the heavens could open! At £5.99 I thought that the quality was brilliant and you really can't go wrong! 
Photo from Aldi website

A Huck Go S Sun Buggy - £16.99 (that isn't a typo...it was seriously £16.99!!)

This is just brilliant!! We have an Oyster Max pushchair so don't need a day to day buggy but brought this one with the idea of taking it on holiday or if we needed a light, compact buggy for day trips ect. It then dawned on me that we could actually give this to my mother in law as she will be having Bubs for one day a week so this would be perfect for her if she needed to pop into town or wanted to go for a walk to the park. The buggy is very basic (not great suspension and doesn't lie flat) but for occasional use and for £16.99 I think it is bloody brilliant!!!!

 A huge 12 pack of my FAVORITE Mamia sensitive baby wipes - £5.99

These don't really need much explanation. They are the best wipes on the market in my opinion. They are perfect on Bubbas sensitive skin, they don't disintegrate like other brand we have used and the value for money is second to none! Use these wipes once and I will promise you that you won't want to use any other brand again. I am yet to meet someone that says they don't like these wipes. 

Photo from Aldi website

A pack of 150 Mamia Nappy sacks - 89p 

These are brand new to me and I really hope that Aldi add them to their Mamia range for good and not just for the special buys. They have that nappy sack sent (which I personally like) and they are nice and strong, unlike other similar priced sacks we have used before. I only brought 1 packet but for the price I really wish I stocked up and brought a few!

Kiddylicious Apple Crisps. 4 pack - £1.49

These were another new purchase for us and Bubba seems to really like them. They look a lot like dried apple slices (which is essentially what they are) and have a lovely balance between sweeteness and the sharpness of apples which was lovely. 

A Disney cars small soft play ball - £1.49

Bubba loves a ball. This is a ball, it's soft and it's not too big for him to hold so Bubs was happy! :)

Photo from Aldi website

UV infant playshade - £17.99

This was one of my favorite purchases of the day and one which I know that at least 4 other people have gone to purchase after I tweeted about it! It is a HUGE UV playtent which is just perfect for the beach, garden or park. It pops up as well and comes in a fab carry bag. I am a bit paranoid when it comes to making sure Bubs is protected from the sun so I can imagine that this will be getting a lot of use in the future. 

Tommee Tippee Super Sipper Cup - £1.89

This is from their old range but none the less I brought it because it didn't have handles and I am trying to help encourage Bubba to hold his cup like he would a normal cup. This does the job, he likes it and for less than £2 it is a steal!

Fitted Cotbed Sheet - £2.99

When Bubba was poorly recently he was a little sick when he was in bed. I have a spare cotbed sheet but it dawned on me that I was be totally stuck if  Bubba was sick on that one too whilst the original one was in the wash. This was the perfect solution and fits so nicely onto his mattress as its elasticated all of the way around. 10/10 from me on this one!

3 pack of Muslin Cloths - £3.29

I was expecting these to be quite rough and not very soft as for less than £3.50 I didn't think I could really ask for much but I was so wrong. they are so so soft and even Hubby noticed them as he picked it up out of the draw and instantly knew it was different to our other Muslin's as it was so soft. Love these!!

Overall, the baby special buy event was just brilliant and I want to thank Aldi for giving me such a great opportunities to review some of their amazing products! They also had changing mats, baby swings, weaning sets, bottles...the list goes on and on! 
If you have an Aldi local to you then I suggest you get down there NOW before all of this stuff sells out (if it hasn't already)!
If you have missed it this time then why not down load the Aldi app (search on the app sort or android market) for alerts and information about the latest special buy events. 

Note: Aldi very kindly sent me vouchers to purchase these products but all opinions are honest, unbiased and totally my own. 

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