Bubba's first shoes!!!!

The 20th June 2015 was an emotional day for me as we brought Bubba's first ever pair of shoes!!!!
Now, before any keyboard warriors out there start to get on the defense, Bubba is desperate to walk and is starting to crawl around. Recently we went to a park and I was going to let Bubba down to walk around holding my hands but it suddenly dawned on me that it a super hot day and the tarmac on the floor was black so that floor would have been BURNING! I then spoke to Hubby and we decided to go and get his feet measured to get him a pair of shoes which would protect his feet whilst not being restrictive to his foot development.

When thinking about kids shoes there was only one place that came to mind for me and that was Clarks. To me, they are a little bit of an institution when it comes to buying kids shoes and I know the quality is great but what I wasn't expecting was the experience that they gave us. I was a little concerned as it was getting closer and closer to nap time but we decided to just go for it and see how he got on.

We went into Clarks and were greeted pretty promptly by a lovely sales assistant who asked how she could help so I explained about Bubba and what we wanted and off she went to get the measuring stuff (sure there is a technical name for it but I don't know it!!). I stupidly forgot to pack socks for Bubs but the lady very happily went and got some little pop socks that she cut down to pop over his little feet to help her measure his feet and to let him try on the shoes. Bubba was so well behaved as he sat on Hubby lap whilst she measured his feet. The Clarks lady was so quick that I don't think it even gave Bubba a chance to have a moan and it was done so quickly! His feet were a 3G and as I had mentioned when we came in that his little feet were so broad that they didn't fit into any of the high street brought crib shoes he had, the Clark's lady said that his feet weren't that broad in comparison to other babies she'd seen. Was actually reassuring to know that Bubba didn't have freakishly fat feet like I thought :)

We then picked the most adorable little pair of blue shoes and whilst the sales assistant was trying to find his size Hubby took a look at the price. I think we both expected them to be quite expensive (in the region of £25) but to our surprise they were £18 so Hubs was very happy! Bubs then tried his little shoes on and had a little wander. The lady checked his toes and said they were all fine so that was a done deal for us. We were happy and ready to go to the tills.

The Clarks lady then got out a camera and explained that for their first shoes they take a photo of them to go in a little holder which I just LOVED!! She took about 3 photos of Bubs and I picked the one I liked the most. It then went into a little holder that had his name, the date and his shoe size on it. We then also got a little card which you are meant to bring in with you each time as a way to see the progression. I loved these little touches and they made the experience so personal and memorable. I also love the fact that we have these little keepsakes to treasure and remember what, to me, was a really special occasion. I would definitely go back to them again for his next pair of shoes and thought the service and staff in their were just brilliant! We were given their full attention and for a Saturday afternoon in a busy high street, that is a huge achievement in my eyes.

So that was that. Bubba now has his first pair of shoes and we are onto a new phase of his little life. The walking!!! Suppose all of the running around after him that is coming up will it will be a good way for me to loose so weight :)

Note: This post in is no way sponsored or endorsed by Clarks. I just loved their shoes and their service and wanted to share it :)

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