Ella's Kitchen Recipe Book!!!

Recently I posted about some fabbie goodies that Bubba was very kindly sent from Ella's Kitchen. We then were sent a couple of recipe's from Ella's Kitchens new book (yes they have a book and no I didn't know they did books either!!) for me to cook and try out with Bubba. As I had already planned to do a huge batch cooking session in prep for my return to work I thought Bubba could try 2 of the Ella's Kitchen ones to see how we both got on.

Chickpeas, courgette, carrots & coriander:

Bubba hadn't tried chickpeas before but they are a great source protein and fiber so I was very keen to

get them into his diet. The receipie was a very simple one to follow, only using 4 ingredients (see picture), taking 5 mins to prep and 15 mins to cook. The receipie called for fresh coriander leaves but I used some ground coriander as didn't have fresh. To be honest, I think this had a negative impact of the dish as it made it taste a little strong but I honestly think that is because I put WAY too much ground coriander in (NOTE TO SELF- recipe instructions are there for a reason so follow them!!!). Overall though, this is a very easy dish that smushes down into a lovely smooth puree that would be suitable for all ages of weaning.

Lentils, squash, oranges & tomatoes:

Bubba loves lentils. I had given them to him before in another dish and they were a big hit so I was excited to give him this interesting combination of lentils with oranges and tomatoes. Once again, this was a very easy dish to prepare (minus prepping the squash!! I bloody hate peeling and cutting squash and this cooking session resulted in a fight with the squash and the squash winning! I ended up with a nice cut right on the top of my thumb!! If you know an easy way to prep a squash then please tell me!!!) with only 4 ingredients and only taking 20 mins to cook. I didn't puree this one as smooth as Bubba does like having some lumps to chomp on and he really loves this dish. Don't be put off by the thought of orange with this as it brings a lovely sweetness to the dish that babies (especially young ones) will really love.

Both of these recipes are from 'The First Foods Book. The Purple One' from Ella's kitchen. This is the third book in their series and has delicious recipes for baby's just starting weaning all the way up to exciting combinations and full meals for one year olds. The book also includes weekly meal planners (that are super useful for seeing how much they should be eating at different stages) and a really handy pull out chart that can go on the wall. This book is not only full of yummy food ideas, it also includes advice from nutritionists, baby experts and real Mum's & Dad's to help making your weaning journey as stress free as possible.

Ella’s Kitchen the First Foods Book - The Purple One (hardback) is published by Hamlyn available to purchase from 9th of April 2015 in all good book retailers (RRP £14.99).

Note: we were sent these recipes for review purposes but all views and opinions are honest and my own. 

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