Getting ready to enter the next chapter..

So, in less than 1 week I will go from being a Mummy on maternity leave to a working Mum. This scares the life out of me for sooooo many reasons!!

1. How will I cope with the amount I will miss my little boy?? I have spent pretty much everyday with him for the past almost 9 months. I am so very lucky to only need to go back to work for 3 days a week and I am even more fortunate that my Mum (who is a childminder) has agreed to have Bubba for 2 days and my mother in law has offered to have him for the other 1. I know I am lucky but I really don't know how I will be able to suppress the dull ache when I am at work where I just miss his squishy little face!! I'm guessing it will just get better in time.

2. How will I balance everything? I'm really worried about how I will juggle working with housework, washing, being a Mummy and doing Mummy things, having some sort of social life and seeing friends, being a wife and blogging??? How do people fit it all in??

3. Going into work after a horrendous night with Bubba (which I know will happen) petrifies me. I don't do well with little sleep and I think I have adapted to less sleep pretty well since becoming a Mummy but having a bad night and then going into work is something that I don't know how I will deal with?!

4. Getting Bubba to bed on time on the days that I am working is something that I am not sure about! Bubba normally has dinner at 5 (which he will be having at his Nanny's) and then a bath at 6.15ish so he is all done and ready for bottle, story and bed at 7pm. I know that there will be days where I don't leave work till late and even on a normal day I don't envisage leaving work long before 5.30 so I just don't know how it will all work. I am guessing this will just be a trial and error, muddling along thing.

5. The biggest thing that is scaring me about going back to work is the realisation that Bubba is getting older. Time is ticking along so so quickly and I just can't believe that my mat leave has come to an end so quickly! It feels like I have literally blinked and it has come round. It just scares me that time is going so quick and I just want to savor every single second with my little Bubs because he soon won't be that little anymore.

Have you gone back to work after being on mat leave? How did you cope with the massive change?
Would love to hear your thoughts :)

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