I am officially a working Mum!

Feel like I need to start this with a little disclaimer.. During this post I am focusing on my feelings as thoughts as a working Mum. This DOES NOT mean that I think that we are any better than stay at home Mum or that being a stay at home Mum is an easy thing (I know full well it isn't as I have just finished 9 months on mat leave). 

So, that is my first week at work done!! I am officially a working Mummy now and I actually feel pretty proud of that fact. I have had so many people ask me how it was and how we (me & Bubba) coped and to be honest, it was no where near as awful as I thought. Before I actually went back to work I was so nervous and I know that many other Mummies in the same position feel anxious, worried and sad so thought I would post this to let you all know that its really not that bad and it will be okay :)

One thing that I would really suggest to anyone going back work soon is to take your little one to stay, for a few hours at a time, with whom ever they will be staying with when D day comes. I am very lucky to have family close by so Bubba stays with my Mum and my Mother in law for the 3 days a week that I work and even though he knows them both and sends time at their houses I still took him round a couple of weeks before hand and started to leave him there. It was only for a couple of hours at a time at first but eventually I took him for the whole day and treated it like a test run day for times with getting to work etc. This no only helped Bubba see that even though mummy leaves him, she does come back..it really helped me! I think that I was more bothered about leaving him that Bubba was. Leaving him really helped me to learn to deal with the awful ache in my heart that I felt where I just missed him so god damn much! It showed me that I could leave him, I could spend the day away from him and he would be as happy as Larry and I would be fine. The test runs and leaving Bubba at the Nannies was a huge help and I would seriously suggest trying to arrange something like this with whoever is going to be looking after your child. 

The actual going to work but was surprisingly really good! I loved being able to talk about things other than poop, to drink a hot cup of coffee and to eat my lunch without little hands trying to steal a bite. It was wonderful to go back to being Ami for a while. My job is quite a sociable one and I love the fact that I am with the public again chatting and helping people. Its even been great putting  my brain to work again as there is so much to learn as a lot can change in a year! I do feel a sense of pride being a working woman who is also a wife, keeps a house and is a Mum. Its not easy and I feel constantly busy (hence the lack of blogging this week) but I feel proud that I am teaching my sons that if you want nice things in life then Mummy & Daddy have to go to work. I come over a bit spice girlish when I think about all the stuff I do and feel a little bit like 'GIRL POWER' :)

Top is Bubba having fun with his Nanny
Bottom is how tired he comes home :)
The best part of the whole going back to work thing though was when I go to pick up Bubba at the end of the day! He honestly gives me the most wonderful cuddles and kisses (well not kisses but his version of kisses which are when he puts his mouth to your face and pokes his tongue out!!) when I go to get him and it just makes my heart swell with joy! He has so much fun at his Nannies (knowing that makes me feel so much more at ease) and he tends to come home totally shattered where he's been having so much fun :) My going back to work has also really made me appreciate and make the most out of the time that we do spend together in the week, so much so that I actually missed him on Wednesday when I put him down for a nap! 

If your due to go back to work soon then don't stress about it or feel sad or anxious, I know its hard not to but it will be fine. Your bubba will adapt sooner and easier than you probably think and so will you. Just think of why you are doing it, what you are giving to your child and that you are pretty damn awesome!!! :)

Have you gone back to work after maternity leave? How did you feel? 

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