Special delivery from Ella's Kitchen!!

About a week ago Bubba received a very exciting package through the post! The lovely people at Ella's Kitchen had very kindly sent him a box of goodies and as a Bubba who likes his food, the contents of the box has been VERY well received :) 

For those who are new to the weaning game (or have been living under a rock!!) Ella's kitchen is an organic baby food brand that was created by Paul Lindley who is Ella's Daddy. Paul wanted set up Ella's kitchen because he believed that his daughter and her generation should have the opportunity to eat and explore food that is not only good for them, but also is engaging and explores the senses. Ella's kitchen covers all stages of weaning from 4 month plus first purees up to 1 year plus toddler snacks and meals. 
I tend to cook most of Bubbas dinners for him using different baby recipes but even through we did go down the purée route, I mix in a little BLW by giving bubs little finger foods to keep him interested and occupied during meal times. We had previously tried the Ella's Kitchen Puffits and bubba had loved them as they were big enough for him to pick up but small enough for him to pop in whole and have a chomp. We had also previously tried the apple and ginger biscuts that Bubba also loved and I loved the fact that they came individually wrapped so were super easy to just pop into my bag. 

So...back to the delivery! The box (which was such a clever and lovely design as you could turn it into a rocket ship afterwards!!) was filled with the following: 

2 bags of grab me melty puffs - 1 tomatoes + leek flavor & the other strawberries & banana. 
2 tubs of pick me meltly hoops- 1 cheese + tomatoes & the other vanilla + bananas 
A HUGE box of grip me melty baby biscuits, Apple & ginger flavor

I knew Bubba would like the biscuits as we had already tried these but it was great to have another huge box to see us through for a while. I was super excited about giving Bubs the hoops as he loves exploring little foods that he can pick up as his motor skills are starting to develop. They were a HUGE hit! He lvoed being able to pick them up as they are just the right size for his little hands and they melted in his mouth which meant I didn't have to panic about him choking on them! I had a little taste of the hoops too and what I loved was that there was not powdery flavouring on the outside which meant that 1. it didn't get stuck all over Bubba's hands and 2. The flavour was not overpowering and was just enough. I also loved the fact that these hoops came in a tub with a screw top lid which meant they would stay fresh for longer. Big thumbs up from me and Bubba on this one!

The melty puff...well...lets just say that I have found Bubba's new favorite snack with these. Hubby and I were a bit dubious about a tomato and leek flavoured puff as I we hadn't come across leek flavoured snacks before but they were actually very nice and Bubba absolutely loves them!! It has only taken him 1 week to get through the entire bag! I have already had to go out and repurchase them but to be honest for 69p I really don't mind! 

I really can't recommend the Ella's Kitchen snack range enough. They are inexpensive, taste and innovative with the added bonus of having no nasties in them. I love the packaging, the brand, the story behind the products and the fact that my Bubba loves them :)

You should be able to find these products in your local supermarket but if not you can buy direct from Ella's Kitchen by visiting their website: http://www.ellaskitchen.co.uk/

Has your little one tried the Ella's kitchen range yet? Do they have a favorite snack??

Note: We were very kindly sent these items for review purposes but all opinions are honest and my own. 

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