Thursday's WMMH... #5

Okay, so I know its not Wednesday and I know that my whats made me happy post usually comes up on a Wednesday but am I allowed to switch it to Thursday this week??? :) I'm still trying to work out where blogging will fit into my routine now that I am back at work but I am getting there slowly. I am hoping to have this back to wednesday as of next week.

So, the past week has been a week of huge change for me and Bubba as I went back to work on Monday. I still found lots to be happy about this week though..

1. Bubba seems to be so settled when I leave him and go to work. I am so lucky and grateful as I have my Mum (who is a childminder) looking after him 2 days a week and my MIL having him for the other day. So far he has only been to my mums this week and he was as good as gold. He loves being around other children and is desperate to be put down to play with them all as soon as we walked in. As he is 'the new baby' the other children are finding him a bit of a novelty at the moment too which is great for him as he is just lapping up the attention! Knowing that he has been so happy has really made the transition that little bit easier for me. The best part of my day is the huge slobbery kiss I get when I go to get him :) it is the best!!

2. I went back to work! You may be thinking that this is a strange one to have on a what has made me happy post but it really did make me happy. As much as I missed Bubba (and I really did miss him more than I thought I could miss anyone!) it was so lovely to use a handbag, to eat my lunch without little hands trying to steal it and to have a hot cup of coffee! It was so nice to feel like Ami for a couple of days and to get back to me. It was still the best when I got Bubs back though and became Mumma again :)

3. We had such a lovely, family weekend. On Saturday we had a chilled out day and went to the park and woods down the end of our road which was so great as Hubby hasn't taken Bubba to the park before and Bubs LOVES it! He is a proper adrenaline junkie and loved going down the massive slide with hubby and going on the seesaw! On Sunday, we went to Hever Castle in Kent which was
brilliant. We took a picnic and spent the day wandering around the castle and the gardens. There were also some brilliant mazes for the kids. Will defiantly be going back here when bubbas a little older so he can get stuck into the mazes :)

4. Bubba has started to crawl!! Well...when I saw crawl I mean army crawling backwards and doing some sort of strange worm crawl, rolling thing to move forwards! I really thought that he was going to walk before crawling but it seems I was wrong and we could soon have a crawler on our hands!

5. We made a dent in the jungle that is our garden. This is something so silly but it really made me happy. We haven't done any proper gardening in over a year. Our garden is pretty much all concrete apart from lots of bushes and stuff round the sides and some decking at the end. The bushes had seriously overgrown and the garden was just a mess so Saturday morning I decided to take the bull by the horns and starting hacking away at it. There is still a long way to go but the fact that we are making progress makes me happy!

So...whats made you happy this week? Let me know in the comments!


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