Becoming a Bubble Barber with Paddy's Bathroom!

A little while ago we were sent a brilliant box of goodies with the challenge of turning Bubba's bath time in a Bubble Barber time (explanation coming up don't worry) and it was a LOT of fun!

Paddy's bathroom has recently launched a brand new range of certified organic and natural toiletries that are jam packed with good stuff so its super gentle on sensitive skin and sting free on little ones eyes! If the design and packaging look familiar then that's because Paddy is Ella's (from Ella's kitchen) brother and their Dad, Paul Lindley, created this bathroom range to help make bath times less stress and more fun.

Now, before we get onto the fun of the bubble barber..lets talk about first impressions. The first thing that hit me before I had even opened the box was the amazing fruity smell coming from all the goodies inside. These products smell amazing! I love the Bubbly Stuff that smells like tangerines(I seriously want to eat it as it smells soooo good) and the Squirty Stuff that smells like mango's. They both have such yummy, fruity smells without smelling sickly and sweet like some products do. The next thing that I loved about these products is the packaging. From the font of the writing to the way that the bubble bath comes in a pouch, the entire range is very reminiscent of the Ella's kitchen range and I love that you can really link the two brands together. The Squirty stuff comes in a great bottle that has a lif on the bottom that you just pull out slightly then squeeze into your hand to get the most amazing bubbles and foam.

Now...talking about bubbles...this is where the bubble barber comes in!
When the Paddy's bathroom range launched they opened it's doors to the worlds first ever bubble barber for two days only. This was a chance for little ones to sport their favorite hairstyles in bubble form ranging from Elvis Presley's quiff to David Beckhams Mohawk. It was such a huge hit that Paddy's bathroom then decided to challenge people like me to come up with the best hairstyles we could made from bubbles. Getting the huge amount of bubbles needed was defiantly the easy bit as the products all create such a fantastic amount of bubbles...getting Bubba to sit still for 2 seconds for us to put bubbles on his head, well that was another matter!!

We decided to use the Bubbly Stuff in the bath itself which created some wonderful, orangy smelling bubbles for us to make the actual 'hairstyle' out of and we also used some of the squirty stuff on his hair before hand as it has more of a mousse like consistency so we could slick all his hair down before the 'styling' commenced.

Me and Hubs had so much fun doing this and as you can see from the picture, I think Bubba did too! We attempted to make a punk rocker Mohawk and then Hubby tried to do some devil horns that to me looked more like Britney Spear-esque pig tails!! I will let you make up your own minds as to if they look good:

Overall, we had great fun playing around at bath-time with Paddy's Bathroom and I was so glad that once we had finished and Bubba was all rinsed off and snug in his towel, we had no skin reactions which amazed me as Bubba does have quite sensitive skin. He was left squeaky clean and smelling wonderful.
The whole range of Paddy's Bathroom goodies can be brought from Boots, Ocado and selected Tesco's stores with prices ranging from £4.49 - £5.99. Click here to visit the boot website to view the range. 

Have you got any funny picture of your little ones with bubbles at bath time? Post them below and let me know what you think about our bubble barber efforts :)


Note: These products were set to us for review by Paddy's Bathroom but all opinions are honest, true and my own.

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  1. They look great I love the packaging. My baby and toddler would love these as they love bubbles at bath time x