Ella's kitchen The Purple One Book Review!

A little while ago you may have seen that we were lucky enough to have tried a couple of the recipes from an Ella's kitchen recipe book (if you haven't seen it then check it out here). About a week ago we had the book sent through itself and I felt the need to blog about it as it is bloody brilliant!!

The First Foods Book from Ella's kitchen (the purple one) covers all stages of weaning, from first tastes all the way up to meals for toddlers and yummy finger food for older babies. The first thing that really struck me with the recipes in this book was the fact that all the ingredients needed were ''normal'' things. By that, I mean that the recipes were calling for things that I would have in my cupboards like ground all spice and curry powder rather than some books that I have used which call for things that I wouldn't even be sure where to buy!! The other element of the book that I also really loved was the introduction pages at the start of each stage of weaning which went through things like what foods the baby can start to try, how much on average they should be eating and other useful hints and tips for that stage. This is accompanied by a really helpful weaning chart that you can stick up on your fridge or wall as a quick weaning reference when your cooking. The chart also includes a really nice sections where you can record all of you babies weaning milestones and food preferences.

The recipes themselves are gorgeous. There is such a varied mix from basic fruit and veg purees to curries, pies and pastas, just to name a few. It felt to me like the recipes in this book were a lot more up to date than some books I've used recently with flavours and meals that me and Hubby would also very happily eat.

So far, I've used two recipes from the book and they have both turned out to be great successes. After browsing the finger food sections for some snack ideas for Bubs, I decided on making him some of the 'Really Raisin-y Soda Bread' as he loves fruit bread and I thought this may be a great home made alternative. It was so easy to bake with simple, fool proof instructions and after 30 mins out it came from the oven and onto Bubba's plate (after cooling first obviously!!) and he loved it!!! He also enjoyed helping me by wearing mixing bowls on his head!! haha!! I really loved the fact that I knew exactly what had gone into his snack and that there was no junk in there. Just good, old fashioned baking stuff and lot's and lot's of raisins.

I also cooked Bubba the Groovy Greens & Beef Noodles which I was a little skeptical about giving him as it had a lot of flavors and tastes in that he hadn't had before such as ginger and soy sauce. The recipe is also a lot more textured than Bubba normally has but I him to try it as I want him
to start getting used new flavours and chunkier food. This dish was a huge success (although his face in the picture says the total opposite) and it was so yummy that even Hubby said he would have eaten it and he is a super fussy eater.

I can honestly say that I am excited about cooking so many more dishes from this book and am also really looking forward to cooking and preparing a lot more of the finger foods ideas as snacks for Bubba as he has just enter a new stage of ''snacking'' which is totally new territory to me.

The First Foods Book from Ella's Kitchen retails for £14.99 which, in my opinion, is total value for money as this book will last us way into the toddler years.
Visit Ella's Kitchen on their website here to see their full range of Cook Books.

I was sent this book free of charge for review purposes but rest assured that all opinions on this blog are honest and my own. 

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